Sidney Powell to the Rescue? - 2nd Analysis – 7 June 2019

1) I don't yet have 100% confirmation, but I believe that the story, yesterday, about @GenFlynn NOT being allowed to hire new representations was false. To my knowledge, we don't yet know the new team, and certain don't know the new strategy.

2) So, we wait with bated breath until the information comes out. Not only does such a change offer a new legal strategy, it may offer a new media strategy. Perhaps the new team will give @GenFlynn his voice back, so he may speak to us directly. I surely hope so.

3) As a non-attorney outsider looking in, the previous strategy of complete radio silence was, I always felt, simply terrible. That was true even before the cooperation agreement with the SC was put in place. Media was not blessed by previous counsel. I never agreed with that.

4) Assuming there actually will be a new team, it may well be that they too will impose radio silence again. I hope not, but there's no knowing until we know. I choose, however, to imagine that @GenFlynn will be released to speak. If so, can you imagine the media frenzy?

5) This takes me back to 2016. @GenFlynn speaks with a type of moral authority that no other hero in our nation can equal. Steeped in the knowledge of the world and its evils, he sees the goodness of America as does no other person. Have you read his book, Field of Fight?

6) If not, you must. It stands alone in the confusion of today's world. His vision is clear, laser sighted. It is more than merely a must-read, it is also a wonderful read. And then there's his 2010 document, available free online, Fixing Intel. Simply Google it.

7) Between those two documents you will hear his voice from the past. We may only hope that we can hear his present voice again, now, if the new legal strategy allows it.

8) We, his followers, are just normal people. We don't know the law. We don't know the behind-the-scenes machinations of the powerful and the mighty, the great and the good, as they say in England. But we do have logic. So, where might this logically lead?

9) One place is that it is completely possible that new legal strategy will lead to a full exoneration WITHOUT needing a Presidential pardon. As I have always said, I would be the first-person dancing in the streets, literally, if that occurred.

10) And if I trusted our system more, I'd be the guy pushing for patience. In my American dream, the courts work. Judges are honest. And, I hope with all my heart we will make that true one day. Today? I have close to zero such confidence. Our system is near broken.

11) And that brings me back to social media. We are not courts of law. We are, however, the court of public discourse. We have our own standards. Out own reach and power too. And in our court, we know that @GenFlynn is innocent. And in our court, we can ask for what we want.

12) So, while my hopes are high that we will soon be able to hear @GenFlynn's voice again. And while I do hope the new legal strategy will succeed. I am in NO WAY ready to surrender the field of fight. Now, more than ever before, I believe that we must make our voices heard.

13) Let me change topic for a moment. I have only been studying hashtag movements for a bit more than a year now. I am surely no expert. Yet, what I have learned indicates the following truth. First, details matter. Second, the principle of concentration of force matters.

14) To address the details, we must first honor freedom of expression. Every possible pro-Flynn hashtag or meme is a good thing. There are ways to test which are more effective than others, but they are all good. The more the merrier. But details?

15) Consider the following two hashtags: #PARDONFLYNNNOW vs #PardonFlynnNow. Myself, I am a 100% supporter of the second over the first. I don't like caps shouting. And, I find that the upper/lower case hashtag is instantaneously readable. I like that. A lot.

16) What about concentration of force? If we are able to agree upon a single, detail precise hashtag, we get more leverage, more bang for our typing fingers' efforts. Please remember, any hashtag you like is good. I simply propose unity of effort, focus on a single message.

17) What will the new strategy be, the new legal strategy? I have no idea at this point. What is our part, here in social media? We must shout louder and louder. We want our hero returned, completely exonerated. We must raise our efforts higher now than ever before.

18) Distrustful of the system as I am. Impatient as I am. And as I have explained many times, I believe that @POTUS should #PardonFlynnNow, releasing him from this false prosecution/persecution. And that is the message I propose most important to our concentrated efforts.

19) Not only would that 100% return our hero to us, it is simple. It is completed by a single man's decision, in use of his near unlimited power in this matter. Again, I say, it is time. America's healing demands it. Should the new strategy get there first, wonderful.

20) But if not, then we need to send a message to the halls of power strong enough so that they can hear it. From my perspective, the only message that fulfills our mission is... #PardonFlynnNow.