The Backstory of #ClearFlynnNow

In the following five sections, you’ll find the documentation that Kate and I have laid down as we designed and executed the beginnings of the #ClearFlynnNow social media movement.  All five were published at Tamara Leigh’s Trend On blog, between 02/08 and 03/24, 2018
The basic concept of our movement is this.  General Mike Flynn has been set up by a truly evil cabal of the ultimate Swamp Masters in Washington DC.  The likes of this attack have never occurred before in American history.  The logic is this.  Once Donald Trump won the election – and I do mean in that very moment – the Swamp Masters of America decided to take him down.  As a duly elected President, this would not be easy.  So…the decision was made to attack General Flynn as a fundamental element of the strategy to take our President down. 
What Kate and I realized, early on, was that the attempt to destroy General Flynn’s reputation was the very core of the attack against our President, and beyond that, against the entirety of the MAGA movement. 
Once we decided to counter this effort by means of social media, we knew, certainly and without doubt, that millions of patriotic Americans supported General Flynn, but had no means of making their voice be heard.  It was that which we decided to change. 
The power of a hashtag is, in part, that it allows good souls who wish to express their passion to come together. 
In future editions of this document, more sections will be added.  And, the vision necessary to save America will gain depth, breadth and force. 

1.)  Why the Hashtag Campaign, #ClearFlynnNow, is So Important and Timely * 
In the wake of the newly released House Intelligence memo, there is much analysis being proffered and much yet to be learned.  It is, however, the perspective of this analysis that insufficient attention is being focused on a most important implication.  The one man in all of America who has suffered most unjustly and most cruelly is Lt. General Mike Flynn.  He is the true victim of injustice here, in more costly ways, and for less cause than anyone else. 
The simple sketch of the relevant facts thus far is easy to follow.  The Democrats paid for false research.  They ensured it was fed into both the intelligence community and the FBI and DOJ.  FISA court warrants were fraudulently procured on this basis.  At the same time, General Flynn was specifically targeted, set up, trapped and lost his position in the White House as a near immediate result.  During these attacks, he was also made the subject of a false investigation – the fix was completely in – which was utterly poisoned by its purposeful targeting of an innocent patriot for political, vindictive and corrupt reasons.  Then, once the Special Investigation unit was set up, they immediately pushed forward to the point of a falsely based prosecution. 
At this point, these facts – in light of what we now know from the memo – demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that General Flynn’s prosecution was not actually that; it was pure persecution, illegal, and entirely baseless.  Thus, there can be no doubt remaining that his prosecution has no proper standing in justice.  It is, in fact, the most egregious injustice of this tragic travesty, with one exception – the damage done to Rule of Law in our nation.  
There is a campaign that we the people must engage.  All patriots who detest injustice, who wish to provide relief for the warrior who has suffered this vile corruption, must now find their voice.  Fortunately, social media provides a proven vehicle to express our outrage and recruit forces to concentrate on a single, simple, powerful good.  We must let the world know that we want this injustice against General Flynn to stop…NOW. 
The one person who has the power to end this is President Trump.  While he has the power of pardon and may use it at any time of his choosing, the right thing to do is ensure that all charges against General Flynn are fully withdrawn.  It is our mission to loudly and persistently provide him – and all others involved in the process – the cover to do so, now.  If we join together as a social movement, we absolutely can create the voice required to be clearly heard by our Commander-in-Chief and those engaged in the process from the President’s attorneys, to the office of the Special Investigator, to all other connected parties.  Through our social movement, we can assure our President and all others of our total support for that most appropriate action.   
We should be confident that now IS the time.  Why?  There can be no further gain from forcing General Flynn to endure continued prosecution/persecution.  The gain for the President, and for the nation is most simply and effectively summed up by the term:  Rule of Law.  If General Flynn is finally cleared, the pure justice of the act will resound:  When the American justice system is co-opted, corrective action through Rule of Law will be certain.  The release that our nation will be granted will reach forward with an assurance and healing power necessary for us all. 
So, what must we do?  We must speak on Twitter and Facebook, and all other social media.  We must build up the standing, the ranking if you will, of this particular hashtag:  #ClearFlynnNow.  Sufficient participation – into the millions of uses – will garner traditional media attention, as well as communicate this strong message to President Trump. 
Patriots will rejoice once this horrible injustice has been fully and formally addressed. 
And, finally, even if the clearance is not rapidly forthcoming, imagine how it will affect General Flynn to experience our nation fully behind him and willing to demand justice for him.  Meditate on it deeply.  You can help.  By the simple act of employing a few characters in your posts, you can make a difference.  Certainly, it is absolutely time for America to… 
*  An earlier version of this section was published with a previous hashtag, which, under testing, did NOT do as well as the current one.  In fact, it was nothing short of shocking that the test came in (in favor of this hashtag) with a stunning 100% favorability rating as opposed to the previous one.  What makes that even more amazing is that the previous one was absolutely taking off.  It was excellent but could not survive the competition.  An analysis of the process is presented in the next section.   


2.) Testing The Data: How We Moved From #PardonFlynnNow to #ClearFlynnNow 
To get your hashtag right, you must target the broadest number of people while hitting them with the greatest emotional impact.  The thing is, if even the slightest nuance is off intellectually, the message will not cut straight to the heart.  For instance, in our current campaign which some of you have been following, the word "pardon" could ONLY entail an admission of guilt.  Many of General Flynn's friends and supporters will not accept that admission.  And they do not care about his own admission of guilt one iota, as they are 100% certain he was coerced, using fraudulent, felonious evidence was used in pure and completely illegal entrapment.  These patriots will accept nothing less than a full vacating of the charge against him, and no substitution will be tolerated. 
What we had to do was re-sight.  Any form of aiming is, in one way or another, always a type of triangulation.  Picture a rifle.  You must line up your eye, the properly aligned sight at the end of the barrel, and the target in front of you.  This is a triangle, which is the source of the word “triangulation”. 
A powerful hashtag is also a perfect glass.  It holds all the thoughts the user has on the topic, without logical contradiction or compromise.  In our case, the term “clear” is perfect.  Calmly, coolly, yet with firmness and unflagging resolution, we may state our request in these simple terms:   
In our testing, we had the stunning result of 100% in favor of “Clear” over “Pardon”.  Every single response was positive.  There was not one single defender standing for “Pardon” and against “Clear”.   
A word of recognition must be given to three people.  The first is Saul Montes-Bradley.  He has done an amazing amount of work on General Flynn’s story, and he flat out contradicted me at every turn over the term “Pardon” and made his case with irresistible force.  Second, Barbara Ledeen not only agreed with Saul, she also identified the new hashtag as spot on.  The third is DavdC, his Twitter handle is: @ingeniustech.  It was he who explained the logic of how “Pardon” was wrong and gave the recommendation for “Clear” in its place.  My respect and gratitude to you all. 
3.) #ClearFlynnNow – The Power of Meme Testing 
In this section, I’m going to provide a set of 5 memes all on the topic of our hashtag campaign.  I hope you’ll follow me at Twitter, @ThyConsigliori, and like or retweet your favorite, and invite all your fellow General Flynn supporters to join in as well.  The results coming in are amazing, and the test has only been running a few hours at the time of this writing (February 17, 3:30 PM EST).  Twitter offers incredible tracking power in something called Tweet Activity, so we can know the results of the test with absolute precision.  Following the memes, I’ll discuss the testing process a bit more, look forward to coming stages of our campaign, and paint a crystal clear vision of campaign victory: General Flynn’s 100% exoneration, the complete restoration of his public honor, entirely repaired reputation, and the full return of his strong voice.   
Here are the 5 Memes for your consideration: 


If you already have a favorite, please head over to my Twitter profile (@ThyConsigliori), by heading over to this link:
Then, like or retweet your favorite and you’ve joined the campaign by that simple act. 
Also, however, don’t be afraid to offer any ideas, or come up with your own contenders if you enjoy making memes yourself.  Once we have the results of this test in and close it down, we’ll go into analysis mode and generate more memes with which to run a second test.  We’ll 
continue testing as long as the process is fun and interesting, or until we find a true, runaway winner.  One of the most positive parts of this process is that, while we’re engaging in the testing phase, we’re also living up to the mission itself and getting the word out, farther and farther. 
If you’ve read the previous articles on our hashtag campaign, you know our goal is to win General Flynn’s full and complete exoneration.  We won’t stop until his reputation has been fully restored from the horrible and criminal attacks perpetrated against him.  The testing phase empowers great growth in our reach. 
Once we find our ultimate winner, we will then convert from the Testing Phase to what I call the Concentration of Force Phase.  At that point, our goal will be to come as close to flooding the internet with that one meme as our movement is capable.  Traditional media views social media, rightly, as a competitor and they do not like to report on social media movements for obvious reasons.  But, if our campaign attains true critical mass, our voice will grow so loud that even they will find themselves reporting on us. 
This is important because the Washington DC bubble ONLY pays attention to what breaks through into traditional media.  It is also important that our movement find its voice in the halls of power directly, so that our House Representatives and Senators in Congress hear about our will and grow to fear our presence at the polls in coming elections.  In spite of the fact that those steps are obviously in front of us, it is absolutely important that we build an invincible and unassailable vision of unconditional victory.  We will not stop until General Flynn has been cleared, fully, 100% and has had his full voice, honor and reputation restored.  We can and will achieve this. 
Returning to our current testing project, after you’ve selected your own favorite meme, please reach out to your friends and encourage them to join us.  Share this article, and recruit them to join in the testing.  And encourage them to reach forward to their friends as well.  The technical term for this is Network Effect.  If you remember the first fax machines, or the first cell phones, you know that they were very expensive and hardly useful.  They succeeded, however, as more and more Nodes – which is just a single unit, a single fax machine or a single phone – were added to the network.  There is a Tipping Point that occurs when the network itself begins to grow more and more rapidly, unit costs start to drop, and then values begin soaring explosively.  The exact same phenomenon occurs whenever a viral movement occurs in social media. 
It is that tipping point that we seek, and the process of testing our memes is one of the most critical steps on the path.  We have every reason to expect that our finalist, the winning meme will attain true viral force.   
4.) #ClearFlynnNow Meme Testing – Update February 25, 2018  
The basis of this article is the phenomenal data that Twitter empowers us to use so that we can achieve the purposes of our campaign.  It’s almost impossible to adequately convey how truly significant, how amazingly effective the data enables us to be.  Perhaps one of the reasons people may not find data as exciting as I do, is that for me, the data always informs action.  I see mission success inside the data. 
I hope you will see, therefore, that this article is directly action oriented.  We begin by looking at the current results from our third heat, first.  Our third heat, and the memes under testing, are presented here:  
Then, we’ll walk through 7 simple steps you can employ to help us get the best possible results for our final heat of this first round.  These steps are the main focus of this article. 
Finally, I’ll present the raw data as analyzed by the scoring method I’ve created.   

The Results – Round One, Heat Three 

Round 1, Heat 3 (of 4)  
1 = Meme 3

2 = Meme 1

3 = Meme 2

4 = Meme 5

5 = Meme 4 

Action Steps 

To complete the following seven steps, first go here and select your favorite (or as many favorites as you like):

1. Click on any meme you like, it will “expand.”  Twitter tracks this, as it does for each of the steps which follow.  They’re all part of what Twitter calls “engagements.”  We do NOT want our memes to MERELY go out and be seen by others, which are called “impressions,” powerful as they are.  I think of impressions as “reach.”  We do want to reach out, and we want people to see what we present.  But, what is far more important is inspiration to action.  The more you “engage” with the meme(s) you prefer, the greater the “intensity” factor in the weighted scoring system I’ve designed for our testing process. 

2. Hit the heart-shaped “Like” button.  It’s obviously the button on the right in the image below. 

 Retweet simply by hitting the square-like button with two arrows (they look a little like two snakes eating each other’s tails).  This requires almost no thinking and is VERY powerful.  It is the lowest possible investment to push our meme out into the world. 
4. Now, upping your effort investment by a small bit, Twitter’s “reply” button looks just like a thought bubble used in comic books.  You can always just type our hashtag in, #ClearFlynnNow, but I’ve found that everything about Twitter really does reward comments.  What does the meme you like say to you?  Why do you like it?  What would you like others – most especially your own Twitter followers – to notice about this meme?  What would you like them to do?  Comments are replies, and replies are POWERFUL! 

5. To enhance your reach and intensity both, hit retweet again.  This time, type in our hashtag, too, as we discussed above relative to replies: #ClearFlynnNow.  This empowers anyone who sees any tweet with our hashtag in it to search to see what other postings on our topic are available.  It is one of our most important goals to get our hashtag to “trend” on Twitter.  Viral status is ultimately achieved by choosing this retweet method.  
6. Go again, believe it or not.  Hit retweet again, but this time, type in our hashtag AND make your own comments, exactly as you did in hitting “reply.”  Do NOT be shy.  Boldness is rewarded, as is style, wit, humor, passion, fury, and as much emotion as can be invested into such a small number of words.   
7. The most powerful thing you can do for our cause is to Tweet the meme out yourself.  Click on the meme again and expand it.  Next, right click and select “Save Image As...”  Then, to attach any image you wish, simply click on the “Add photos or video” button on the lower left (see image), that looks like a couple of mountain peaks with a rising sun, and select a saved image to share.  Your own original tweets have the greatest reach and impact on getting the word out of all.  Any of the memes we’re working with will have powerful intellectual and emotional impact on all true patriots in America.  Even those patriots who disagree with our campaign will be stirred.  Their opposing argument is a powerful part of the social process we must fully embrace.     

#ClearFlynnNow Meme Testing Round One, Heat 3 Data and Results 
Impressions (Reach)   Rank    Points 
Meme 1 = 1308   1 = Meme 3   5 

Meme 2 = 937     2 = Meme 5    4 

Meme 3 = 5060   3 = Meme 1   3 

Meme 4 = 1035   4 = Meme 4   2 

Meme 5 = 1496   5 = Meme 2   1 
Engagements    Rank    Points 


Meme 1 = 180    1 = Meme 3   5 

Meme 2 = 132    2 = Meme 1   4 

Meme 3 = 395    3 = Meme 2   3 

Meme 4 = 114    4 = Meme 4   2 

Meme 5 = 102    5 = Meme 5   1 
Intensity (E/I)    Rank    Points 

Meme 1 = 13.76%   1 = Meme 2   5 

Meme 2 = 14.08      2 = Meme 1   4 

Meme 3 = 7.81       3 = Meme 4    3 

Meme 4 = 11.01     4 = Meme 3    2 

Meme 5 = 6.75       5 = Meme 5    1 
Weighted Score    Rank 
Meme 1 = 11    1 = Meme 3 

Meme 2 = 9      2 = Meme 1 

Meme 3 = 12    3 = Meme 2 

Meme 4 = 7      4 = Meme 5 

Meme 5 = 8      5 = Meme 4 
#ClearFlynnNow - The Hashtag Warrior's Action Plan 
Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti - @ThyConsigliori – and Kate Scopelliti – @KateScopelliti  


Social media is today’s instant marketplace of ideas and relationships.  This electronic phenomenon empowers individuals to easily and immediately join together in dedication to any cause.  What a powerful, transforming force for democracy itself! 
The only media the framers of our nation knew was print.  And print media was often read aloud in coffee houses and taverns, discussed and argued over where everyone had an equal voice.  As mass media took over in the mid-20th century, it essentially became a bottleneck in the process of democracy, though we never acknowledged it as such.  Three great news channels told us all we needed to know.  We trusted the 6 o’clock News and News at 11 to keep us abreast of all that was important and happening in the world.  For those who didn’t readily adapt to the new technology, there were always the great institutional newspapers. 
As the computer revolution took hold and came to life in the late 70’s and early 80’s, no one imagined the impact electronic media would have in transforming journalism.  Even with the creation of the world wide web in the 90’s, and the arrival of social media in the 2000’s, we couldn’t possibly have dreamed where we’d be today. 
The general reaction has been, as you might expect, both negative and nostalgic, as well as shallow and short-sighted.  It’s like the ranchers against the encroaching railroads, all over again.  Social media is presented as an addiction, and one of the most vicious attacks against President Trump is about his tweeting, as if everyone knew how bad a thing it obviously is. 
What hasn't been commented upon sufficiently is the goodness of the gathering in social media.  One of Trump’s most powerful insights was that the Forgotten American could find friendship and alliance online.  He knew that millions of us agreed with the values of MAGA and needed the bond of connection to be made visceral.  He knew the extraordinary power of social agreement and the power of connection by any means, absolutely including social media. 
If we agree, then we need to support each other.  We need to discuss and debate intelligent action.  We need to create plans and schemes and grab hold of the values we agree on and turn those values into coordinated endeavors where we help each other, build each other up, and give voice to what we believe in.   
It is on that note that I wish to turn to the idea of a hashtag campaign, and specifically our campaign with the mission to… 
It’s hard to comprehend exactly how much extraordinary power there is in such a simple thing as a hashtag.  By clicking on it you can explore what others using that hashtag are saying.  By typing it into your own posting, you make it possible to find those you agree with, connect and speak with them, and ultimately join forces. 
That's what a hashtag is all about.  The power of connection driven by shared values for a common cause or idea. 
In addition to the power of a hashtag, postings in social media cannot easily be transferred into another medium such as this article, nor with their full force and immediacy online.  Yet, the information offered may be truly worthy of the transposition.  In this article I will attempt to do just that for the four Twitter threads I’ve posted that demonstrate the campaign I’ve dedicated myself to, and that have generated the strongest response.   
The First Thread is targeted – although I don’t say so in the thread – primarily at something called The Long Tail.  The idea comes to us from statistics and the bell curve.  It was the primary insight upon which Jeff Bezos created 

Bezos realized that there was a vast market of buyers for books that bookstores could never carry in inventory.  He realized that the internet made it possible to offer those books to buyers spread around the country.  Further, if you carried enough of those specialty books on your web site, you’d be able to expand into sales of mainstream books and, eventually, other products. 
We can apply the same concept to our purpose here.  If you place the great Twitter stars (those with the largest followings) in the center of the bell curve, you’ll find they have the most followers.  Let me say that again.  There is a very small number of stars with huge followings.  
That’s what we call The Hump.  The Long Tail is where you find the great majority of Twitter users who have only small followings by comparison.  My goal for our campaign is the greatest number of users who have small followings, say between 50 and 100 followers. 
Obviously, the art of building a great following is NOT something these Long Tail tweeters have mastered.  And many of them are quite unfamiliar with the ins and outs of postings or even the basics of tweeting, replying and retweeting.  
Yet, consider the connection such a person has with of his or her followers.  They are very likely to know each other.  They certainly have immediate access to, and likely considerable influence with, those they know.  Here the bond of strong agreement is at its most effective.  Imagine the ability to communicate both by tweeting and by telephone conversation.  How much more impact does that kind of agreement have?  I’d say a great deal indeed. 
These are the tweeters whom I wish most passionately to recruit in our #ClearFlynnNow movement. 
In the Thread 2, you will find our basic case, the justification for our movement itself.  Thread 3 was my response to the McCabe firing. Thread 4 discusses the nature of doubling in a viral campaign.  And it leads, lastly, to our Daily Action Plan.  With no further ado, then, we turn to these statements.   

Thread 1 – Justice in America 
1) Justice in America comes down to one person with a fair chance.  While any person’s abuse at law is evil, there is no more important case of this abuse today than @GenFlynn's.  If you agree, you’ve completed the first step of signing on. 
2) By uniting around a single, proven hashtag, #ClearFlynnNow, we amplify our voice and impact.  We must speak loudly enough, to rise above the noise.  Agreement is step two. 

3) If you commit to joining us in your social media each day, you’ve completed the sign on stage and have only two more steps for full participation…first, save this image and post it as your Twitter header photo or Facebook cover image, etc. 

4) Last, commence the practice of performing the following Four Step Action Plan (at minimum) every single day! I'll explain each step in coming posts, next...

5) The first daily action step is to tweet out your own thinking about the #ClearFlynnNow movement.  Always type in the hashtag.  This is an image of my own first such daily posting: 

6) Your second daily step is to click on the hashtag itself.  Scroll through other postings to retweet or engage by replying, or following the poster, etc.  This image is from my own account yesterday, when I clicked on our hashtag:

7) Your third step is to tweet out a meme with our hashtag at least once per day also.  As always, type in the hashtag #ClearFlynnNow in each original tweet, and into replies and quoted tweets.  This was our runner up in recent meme testing, as an example.

8) Your fourth and last step (at minimum) is to go to our #ClearFlynnNow YouTube channel.  Tweet out one of the videos. @GenFlynn’s voice is amazingly powerful.  This is why he has been targeted more viciously than any other patriot ever has. 

9) Finis. #MAGA and #ClearFlynnNow are, together, the turning point America requires.  We cannot and we shall not leave @GenFlynn behind, suffering the evil injustice of the Swamp, and think we're winning our future.  Our future demands we stand with him.  Please join me. 

Thread 2 – We are NOT the News 
1) We are NOT the news.  We are the #ClearFlynnNow movement.  We are not the political class.  We are the citizens the political class serves.  News is, however, important to us, as are such great souls as @marklevinshow and @DevinNunes.

2) So here's the problem.  We should be shocked.  We should be raging.  I don't know if we should be marching or not - I don't go marching, personally - but we should be enraged with a burning fire in the depths of our souls. 

3) Why should we burn within our souls?  Seven words that seem so bland, so merely intellectual to the ear:  Deprivation of rights under color of law.  This @seanhannity segment was the first time I ever heard the term:

4) Here are @GreggJarrett's stirring words: “Top officials should be impeached which means they can’t hold another government position.  But, I suspect this intel document is going to reveal multiple felonies by high-ranking officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice. 
5) @GreggJarrett, "There’s a federal felony statute, it’s called Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and it says that a government official cannot use their position of power to deprive somebody of their constitutional rights. 
6) @GreggJarrett, "Here, it’s the constitutional right to privacy as upheld by the Supreme Court.  So, if the FBI and the DOJ go into a federal judge using a fake, false document to obtain a warrant to spy, that’s a violation, it’s a felony, it’s 10 years behind bars. 

7) @GreggJarrett concludes, "People ought to be prosecuted for that.” 

8) Did I mention anger?  Anger in the soul?  Please forgive my capital letter shouting...  
9) Which brings us to the #ClearFlynnNow mission.  We know, we don't have to guess, that the Mueller investigation is illegal on its face. We know that Mueller has infinite resources and @GenFlynn does not. 

10) But let's let go of the news and contemplate our rage, again. @DevinNunes is a Congressmen, and the head of the House Intelligence Committee.  And he has told us that a terrible felony was committed. 

11) What felony? And against whom? You'll want to take the time to read this story. We, the patriot supporters the #ClearFlynnNow movement must be well informed: 

12) Return again to our rage, and how it cannot be dependent upon the news cycle. The one person that we know has suffered a crystal clear felony, @GenFlynn, is the one person most in the cross-hairs of this illegal investigation. 

13) But why is he so important? Why his case and not the uncountable other cases of injustice in America? To understand the answer, I cannot too strongly recommend this book:

14) Edward Klein is more than merely a brilliant reporter. He is a true patriot. And, his ability to walk us through the story, the story that is beneath the news, is unmatched.

15) In his book, Klein gives us the key story we require. Why was @GenFlynn targeted? Why was this done in a more vicious and illegal manner than any other such member of an incoming WH Administration? To fully understand, we need the story. Klein gives it to us. 
16) Let us turn to our anger again. We must realize that Klein's term, "All Out War," is precisely what's in play. General Flynn is their main means of attack against our duly elected President @realDonaldTrump. 
17) Yet again, why? They do not merely wish to take down our President. They wish to control each and every one of us. They wish to obliterate all those pesky rights in our Constitution. They want to destroy what we know as the American Way. 
18) What we must do is see ourselves in @GenFlynn's case. We must see within it the eternity that shrinks down to this hour in our destiny as a people. You've heard these words many times before, but please contemplate them in this context. 

19) This is our time. This is our moment. We established who we are as a voting bloc in 2016, and together with @realDonaldTrump we saved our nation when it was almost to late. I'll never forget where I was November 9, 2:30 AM EST, 2016. Will you? 

20) Finis. In order to live up to that moment, we must access our rage over injustice in this one. We have no choice. We must never let go of our anger until we have won. We must... 

Thread Three – McCabe  
1) Good Morning, #ClearFlynnNow supporters, what a day for our cause yesterday was. America is winning its identity back. For clarity, let's never forget that McCabe sent Strozk to interrogate @GenFlynn. If you forget everything else, remember that. @JosephJFlynn1 do you agree? 

2) As to @vabelle2010, I dare say she'll never forget where she was when she heard the news. Robyn shared on Facebook that she was in a restaurant and screamed out loud! All of America shares the joy of that moment with you as our hero. We must... 

3) The simplest thing I see is that @vabelle2010's work got in the way of the Iran deal, and that's why an honored agent was targeted and her career destroyed. Has this been proven? I don't know. I do know that McCabe destroyed Robyn's career. 

4) Finis. I also know that the rewards of corruption rise very high. Consider the evil that has been averted. The truth of the story in this meme is chilling. What if McCabe were the head of the FBI today? That's a cautionary nightmare tale to be told and retold. 

Thread Four – Doubling Rate 
1) #ClearFlynnNow supporters, our campaign is clearly growing. The data I watch has us at almost double our largest numbers yet. I suspect the key is simply this. If you support this campaign, after you tweet, make sure two of your friends do. Yes, like an atomic reaction! 

2) Finis. Another way of of looking at our mission, is that like anything, it's a hard slog uphill at first. Who knows when we'll crest? But, there can be no question, until we #ClearFlynnNow we keep on pushing up the next slope. It doesn't matter how many hills to conquer. 

Daily Action Plan 
There are millions of supporters of @GenFlynn. If you are one of them, all you need to do is post once every day:  
"I will not rest until we #ClearFlynnNow."  
That, plus a meme, and we will succeed. We're that powerful. 

Thread Links: 
1 – Justice in America: 
2 – We are NOT the News: 
3 – McCabe: 
4 – Doubling Rate:
5 – Daily Action Plan: