Pardon Flynn Now: The Moement - 1st Analysis – 2 June 2019

1) There's a drama playing out in America today, and although reported breathlessly in the news, it isn't playing out on TV. Social media is far more powerful. But this drama is much larger than social media. Who are our heroes? This is a spiritual question of the highest order.

2) My hero is Lieutenant General Mike Flynn. @GenFlynn. Shockingly, he is also my friend. I've told the story many times. As a volunteer analyst in 2016, Gen Flynn found my work adequate, reached out to me, and we began a collaboration. I'm still shocked.

3) If you're the swamp, @GenFlynn is the most dangerous man in the world. Contemplate it. Have you ever heard of a National Security Advisor so dangerous to the previous administration that they broke every law on the books to get him removed, and targeted at law?

4) Who remembers illegal unmasking? Who remembers Obama warning @realDonaldTrump NOT to hire @GenFlynn? Who remembers a coup against a newly elected President led by the previous administration? Who remembers that Gen Flynn is a victim?

5) A victim? Oh my. Here I am. I'm saying Robert Mueller is a type of mafia lord. He held infinite resources and had NO legal oversight of his uses of those powers. He had no hesitation in his attempt to crush @GenFlynn. He was ready to do anything his vendetta called for.

6) I'm saying more. The Mueller investigation was beyond mere Deep State. It was an illegal operation from the get-go. Yes, a hoax, an attempted coup. But somehow worse. One that had the patina of legality, in its total illegal essence. And its ultimate victim was @GenFlynn.

7) Well, of course the coup was against @realDonaldTrump. And the ultimate victim of the attempted coup was America Herself, the Rule of Law, and the very ideal of justice. But a general attack often has a specific target. That target was my hero and friend.

8) So, let us be clear. The ultimate sacrifice for America is death. @GenFlynn is alive. He has not made the ultimate sacrifice. Ah, but sometimes life is harder than death. And, sometimes, a living sacrifice is the hardest thing of all. On that basis, no one has sacrificed more.

9) Please linger with me. You tell me. Who has made a greater living sacrifice than @GenFlynn? You will find no one. He carries the greatest burden of any living American. To an honorable man, what is shame? It is the worst fate possible. The left has shamed Gen Flynn.

10) Of course, they've shamed themselves far more. To take America's greatest hero and shame him is to reveal how low you have descended. So, let's just be clear, America has no greater living hero than @GenFlynn. Period. And he's the number 1 target of the left. How about that?

11) I bow my head in shame. I am embarrassed. How could a true hero suffer such humiliation, such attack, such profound suffering? Only in a corrupt America. The very America HRC would have institutionalized. America lost. That's that America that destroys Her heroes.

12) I've discussed it before as well. What about @GenFlynn's guilty plea? I no longer have the slightest doubt. He did it as a warrior falling on his own sword to protect the mission. You can find and read his statement. For our nation, for his family, hid did the right thing.

13) It is a sign of the vast corruption of the swamp, that for our nation's greatest hero, a guilty plea was the only possibly right thing to do, when he was 100% innocent. Mueller forced a lie, a false confession of guilt. It was the lesser evil. That's today's condition.

14) We must turn, now, to a technical term. It won't sound like one, but it is. A "bad story." In the world of politics, some stories are deemed good, some bad. If you ever end up in the land of the "bad story" the entire apparatus of power will drop you like you're hot.

15) The shallow judgement of good stories vs bad stories is something I find despicable. Weak spines topped by weak minds fail to see heroism for what it is. They follow the news cycle with credulity and bated breath. Fair weather friends. Turncoats who bury principle.

16) We must now return to the question of "Clearing" Flynn. It was once an option. It is no longer. The time has come to Pardon Flynn. The documentation can be easily found. A year ago, Clearing Flynn made sense. It was 100% positively responded to.

17) Back then, as now, I have always felt that there was a fundamental error in the logic of Presidential Pardon. Why? Why oh why must a pardon indicate any admission of guilt whatsoever? Why can't a pardon be what a President does for an innocent man, wrongly convicted?

18) It's critical to go there. Why might an innocent man lie, accepting his guilt when he was, in fact, 100% innocent? A book is called for. Darkness At Noon, by Arthur Koestler. It takes us through the Stalinist method of breaking an innocent man.

19) Simple as can be. A man points a gun at your son's head and says, unless you confess your guilt, I'll shoot your son. Who alive can question the character or integrity of the man who says, okay, execute me, save my son? Breaking innocence is not a complicated thing. Leverage.

20) The Mueller investigation was started in crime and was a perversion of justice. Its greatest victim was @GenFlynn. Agreed? It is time, now, for all friends of @GenFlynn to coalesce around a new mission. It is time to #PardonFlynnNow. A pardon is, now, the only answer.

21) One of the things I felt @POTUS experimented with was the pardon of Joe Arpaio. What was found was this. If pardoned BEFORE sentencing, no wrongful felony could be recorded. We may call this the Arpaio Principle. It is 100% time to apply that to @GenFlynn.

22) We MUST drive for the exoneration of this great man, our hero, and America's greatest loyalist. Where some "other" form of clearing may have been possible before, it no longer is. There is one and only one remedy left to us. We must procure his pardon. #PardonFlynnNow.

23) But can we? Is it realistic? Sadly, I must answer, no clue. I can't speak for @POTUS or his team. Maybe @GenFlynn is still deemed by them as a bad story. Maybe they'll feel they must let the swamp swallow this good man. Who am I to say? But I can say this...

24) I will remember. If my friend and hero takes the fall for his honor, for his patriotic loyalty, I will not forget. No one can be allowed to turn innocence into guilt freely, without my noticing. And if those with the power to do something don't, hmm. I won't forget.

25) But allow me to say all this in a slightly more politically correct manner. Millions. Millions upon millions of patriotic Americans hold @GenFlynn in the highest regard. Not just for his previous contributions, but for his sacrifices. We see him as the best among us.

26) We see @GenFlynn as the ultimate forgotten American. As we have been forgotten, so has he. And we just won't stand for it. We beg, we request, we demand his exoneration, full, 100% and unqualified. And we will be heard. That's why it is time to...#PardonFlynnNow.

27) What about our previous campaign to #ClearFlynnNow? It was a tremendously successful campaign in mobilizing and giving voice to support. But we failed in that mission. @GenFlynn has NOT been cleared. We must now accept that, with great sadness.

28) We did not, however, fail to at least get a few things done. Many donations were raised to the That's a wonderful thing, and much more yet needs to be raised. And there's a deeper level of justice that's been highlighted.

29) Actually, it is an unforgivable injustice. The government has infinite resources, no constraints. It can lie like a rug, manipulating its targets for any reasons, most especially a political. It can spend like a drunken sailor on the path to breaking an innocent man.

30) So, what can little old us in mere social media do about this? For one thing, we can sound off, and if we coordinate, our voice will absolutely be heard. That's the ultimate power of a hashtag. We may shout with loud voice...#PardonFlynnNow. We may speak.

31) And, if we speak loudly enough, with consistent agreement that our hero must be pardoned, we can turn the tables from a negative to a positive story. We, little old us, can shout to the world...#PardonFlynnNow. Our shout counts, but only if we make it count.

32) For my part, I'll be pinning this thread to the top of my Twitter account, so it can be easily accessed by any and all. And, very simply, I will post at minimum a single #PardonFlynnNow post every single day. Allow me to ask, what will you do in support of our hero?

33) Back when we were initially creating the #ClearFlynnNow movement, two particular patriots worked especially hard on memes, @cancerousToejam and @StopCC84, but so also did many others. Do you have meme creating ability? @GenFlynn deserves the best memes we can give him.

34) Another great patriot is @Real_PeachyKeen. She created the three-star movement in honor of @GenFlynn and her following is unequaled. It is my hope that she'll join us in this new #PardonFlynnNow movement.

35) And what about @DeplorableChoir? How wonderful are they with their invention of #CovfefeCountry? Their song for @GenFlynn is wonderful, and so important for our mission. We can't thank them enough.

36) Social media offers a new form of discourse within our constitutional republic. And a hashtag is one of its ultimate instruments. We all listen to @POTUS tweets here every day, with gratitude and thanks for all he does. Our mission is to send the communication the other way.

37) @POTUS needs to hear from millions upon millions of us that we support @GenFlynn and will not stand for the hellacious injustices perpetrated against him. He needs to know we have his back. If he will #PardonFlynnNow, we will rally to his support.

38) Not only will @POTUS NOT suffer a loss among us, he will gain immeasurably. We care about loyalty. It will break our hearts if this good man is allowed to be sacrificed on the altar of the swamp. We will be crushed. But, if our hero is saved, the love will flow.

39) There can be no question or doubt. There can be no greater act of draining the swamp than to #PardonFlynnNow. And there can be no greater way of taking charge of the story in today's battle. We MUST NOT allow the swamp this victory. We must protect our hero.

40) It is thus with fierce passion and great hope, with all our hearts and minds and souls that we state, it is now way past time to... #PardonFlynnNow.

41) I've encountered much righteous and rightful resistance from those who do not wish to request that @POTUS to #PardonFlynnNow. The argument - and it's a good one - is always that Pardon indicates guilt and full exoneration may still occur.

42) What I've discovered is that the logic inside the word "pardon" has been constricted. My case is, we need to open the term back up again. We really can do this, and there really is solid, logical, and yes historical reason to do so, not to mention the practical benefits.

43) How many remember the old days when, after family dinner was finished, we asked to be excused from the table? We might ask to be pardoned. And, does anyone remember a parent saying just that, "You're pardoned."? To those who do, surely there was no guilt entailed!

44) Have any of you approached a line, a queue, and needing to get through requested permission of entry, not to cut in line, but simply to pass through? Might you not request, "Pardon me, may I pass through, please?" In this case, again, the word "pardon" has no guilt attached.

45) I believe it may help if we state our request in the following, guilt-free format:

@POTUS, please Sir, #PardonFlynnNow from this false prosecution.

46) As I see it, this false prosecution is an illegal endeavor. It is the false prosecution from which our hero must be pardoned. There is no wrongdoing. His plea was simply coerced by an illegal operation. He should be excused, pardoned to leave this horrible thing behind.

47) One of my ultimate, most favored qualifiers is that I may be wrong. Saying it, I always mean it. I never assume I cannot be wrong. This truly may be such a moment. Perhaps @GenFlynn will be cleared by some other means, and if so, I'll be dancing in the streets.

48) Yet, I may also be right. And in any case, I don't trust the system to correct its own wrongs. That, I believe is the spirit of the law of Presidential Pardons, one of the most unlimited powers extant in our constitutional republic. I simply wish to add, Pardon By Innocence.

49) Be it a Principle or a Doctrine, it is my request that we, as a people, come together to redress the near infinite injustice of this situation. That's why I call for the addition of Pardon By Innocence to be included in Presidential Pardon Doctrine.

50) Descending, however, from the lofty clouds of doctrine to the dirty domain of practical reality. Our hero is suffering. It must end. Now. Me, I feel like I can't stand one more minute of his suffering, and that we can't be so clean-nailed picky about how it's done.

51) So, until our hero is exonerated by some other mechanism first, I will continue to shout my request at the top of my lungs, and continuously:

@POTUS, please Sir, #PardonFlynnNow from this false prosecution.

52) For any of your friends who struggle with the terminology or logic, please do share this thread with them. We need to get the logic right. We can do this. We can express our position so that we're heard.