A Presidential Pardon - 4th Analysis – 9 June 2019

1) One of the reasons people who truly support @GenFlynn resist requesting a pardon is, I believe, a conceptual weakness we all suffer today, myself included. We don't fully comprehend separation of powers and the true intent behind Presidential Pardon.

2) Congress makes the laws, and sometimes the laws are not always constitutional and must be struck down. The Judiciary determines which are and which are not. This is their power over Congress. In the middle are the people who, when laws are unconstitutional, suffer.

3) The Executive is NOT empowered to prevent such suffering but IS empowered to take its own action on the people's behalf. The greatest such tool, and one of the greatest powers in our entire system is that of Presidential Pardon. It is wielded by one man, one vote if you will.

4) This power is so vast that it has often brought out the very worst forms of corruption in its use. This is precisely the kind of power that corrupts. And, our Presidents have far too often used it on their last day in office so as to not have to face the fallout.

5) Its corruption is so great, that it has many times been discussed that the founders failed by including it, perhaps its power is simply too great for mere mortal men to employ with integrity. Yet, we still have it, and I for one support it. Its true purpose is to right wrongs.

6) When the slow wheels of constitutional discussion grind, it is citizens being ground up in what may well later be deemed unconstitutional theft of their rights. How many years, if ever, might that take? How can one human whose rights have been trampled have them returned?

7) With the commonsense nature of the vast powers wielded by the President, - not only this one, but all others also - it is natural that only the highest cases of imbalance and constitutional rights stolen may rise to the level of his attention. He only has 24 in a day.

8) If there was a way to remove corruption from its use, then everyone would know its true purpose. At any rate, I put forward that there has NEVER been a case more demanding of this redressement, this rebalancing of the powers of government against a citizen.

9) We will discuss @GenFlynn's constitutional rights that have been stolen in more detail in the future. Better still would be if his new counsel would put out precisely such a list, in the clearest of legal terms. Legally sound, yet publicly understandable. Let us hope they do!

10) Returning as always to our part, here in social media. We simply cannot depend upon the system when attempting to protect our hero from its risks and drag. We must stand up, rise up and speak with a united voice. Please, @POTUS, #PardonFlynnNow.