11th Analysis - 8 September 2019

8 September 2019 - #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

1) In the following comments, I hope to help all aspiring General Flynn supporters learn how to put their power to work on his, and on America’s behalf. Most people have no idea of their real power, and don’t even think in such terms. I hope that you’ll soon see you do have power and give you an idea how much.

2) Never has there been a greater moment in which learning how to access and deploy one’s personal power might have greater impact on the outcomes in front of us. A great injustice, a great miscarriage of justice, an egregious miscarriage of government power must be redressed.

3) In making my case for action – based on YOUR power – there's a qualifier I must identify. If you have followed my work, or on your own, have you come to agree that a pardon is the best possible outcome? Or, at least at this point, the best practical one.

4) I suppose I must linger there again, for a moment. The logic is this. It was an illegal prosecution, that extorted a false guilty plea out of @GenFlynn through withholding of exculpatory evidence. The government still has not provided, and likely won't, all the evidence.

5) The court has shown its prejudice against Gen Flynn already, and I'm not ready to wait upon its change of heart. And last, the days, the days, we're in an election year and the days count, and no one moves the needle for President Trump more than Gen Flynn.

6) If you agree on those points above, and wish to take action, you need to know how to execute some truly effective tactics. They come from something called network theory, but they are NOT merely theoretical. They work in the real world. I promise.

7) My own name for our primary tactical objective is: 

An Unbreakable Chain of Communication 

Let's dive in. You know someone. That person knows someone else. You may have heard of this as the theory of Six Degrees of Separation. If not, here is all that means, in an easy intro!

8) If you add up who you know, to the number of people the next person you talk to knows, and repeat, it only takes six people to have direct, one-to-one connection with any other person on earth. Let me say it again. The 6th person in the chain is directly connected to your target.

9) Your target? It could be the Pope. It could be the Queen of England. It can be any person on earth. You just have to find the right chain of six people. I know it breaks your brain to think you have that much power, but you do. You can communicate with anyone...if...

10) You can communicate with anyone you wish...if...if you can create an unbreakable chain. This chain must be forged. Here's how: 

1) Cell phone number w/ text message 

2) Email address 

3) Time spent speaking live 

4) Yes or no answers to requests 

5) Iterative Interactions

11) Focus first on number 5. Anyone will snap a selfie shot with you at a rally. But, will they give you their direct line cell phone number? That's a different matter (item 1). Now, assume you have their number. Do they want to talk to you...again? And again? That's iterative.

12) Don't be discouraged by that. If you're the lowest of the 6 links on the chain, the 5th link will likely be thrilled to talk with you. Do you see? You have to build a friendship. Then comes the greatest challenge, but it’s still easy once you get some practice.

13) You have to coach your new friend through the art of introduction. Like so: 

1) A shared purpose agreed upon 

2) Willingness to introduce the purpose upward 

3) Willingness to set up a 3-way call, and 

4) Share all contact information 

5) A new 3-way dedication to the purpose

14) For completion of the unbreakable chain, link 5 has to stay involved after introducing you to link 4, and care. That is, he has to make sure that you and link 4 are in direct, iterative conversations about the purpose. Only then can he let go.

15) I know it's a lot to take in. But I promise you, not only does it work, perfectly, it isn't that difficult to learn. There are loads of link 5 prospects to try it out on with no loss at all. And once you master link 5, you're on your way.

16) So, all you #PardonFlynnNow supporters, put your tactical minds to work. Set @POTUS as the zeroth contact in your mind and heart. Wait, what? If you're number 6 in the chain, and the next person is 5th, your target is the 0th person. Just think zeroing in on your target.

17) You're 6. @POTUS is 0. Who are the other 5, that's all you need to find. Now, realistically, it might take, say, 10 people to find the right 5th link. And another 5 people to find the right 4th, etc. But these numbers are NOT infinite, and they're not difficult.

18) I will share from personal experience, the risk factor for the person making the introduction skyrockets as you move from link 3 to link 2, and again even more from link 2 to link one. Not YOUR risk factor. The risk of making the introduction, to the person being asked.

19) So again, the difficulty does rise as you climb the chain. That just means you have to become more persuasive. And, it means you have to believe in your mission. This is no method for cowards, or those who are half-hearted. It takes courage and belief.

20) But if you've made it this far, and can just picture the first step, finding link 5, you can give it a try and see how it feels. If this is the right mission for you, then now is the right time to climb the chain to help @POTUS realize his best action is to: 


And, to do so by:


Pat Scopelliti