10th Analysis - 7 September 2019

7 September 2019 – Analyzing @KellsBellsSC’s Meme

1) The Meme


2) One of the most effective steps in a hashtag campaign is the solicitation and testing of memes. The following analysis was my endeavor to unpack the layers and layers of meaning in the winning meme above.

3) We begin with the single term: 


I hope these numbers are familiar. General Flynn invested 33 years of Military service rising to the level of 3-Star General. Of those decades, he invested 5 entire years (1,825 days) into in-sector combat.

4) To be a warrior is more than the numbers reflecting time in service. It is to embrace the day, knowing one may die in service to nation. It is to sacrifice whatever is asked in service to the mission. It is to know one's self and to know the enemy.

5) We'll talk about this more below, it is also the willingness to fight for a cause at home, as General Flynn did by bringing truth to the world after he was ousted from the DIA with lies. He faces the lies and the lying liars, as only a true warrior could.

6) The truth is, he stands today as America's greatest living warrior. I apologize to all the other great warriors our nation has, each of whom is worthy of respect and gratitude. But General Flynn's status as greatest warrior is critical to the current turmoil in America.

7) We turn now to: 


In the military, the term hero is almost always reserved for those who died in service, paying the ultimate price, the ultimate sacrifice. General Flynn lives. So how is he a hero?

8) The term hero is broader than its most common military usage. It also refers to all who sacrifice for the mission, in leadership, and provide inspiration for others to do the same. To my knowledge, there is no greater such hero to the troops today, than General Flynn.

9) As a true hero, when General Flynn stands to speak, his voice has greater power and impact than any other general officer in our vast core of great military leaders. His voice rings the truest. His reach is further and stronger than any other. Isn't it interesting he is gagged?

10) We've discussed many times the strategic impact of General Flynn's rallying capability on election 2020, in context of his historic friendship with Donald Trump. To rally America's veterans, successfully, is essentially to win the election.

11) As I’ve shared previously, there were over 5,000,000 additional veteran votes for Trump raised in 2016, as compared to 2012. After Trump himself, no one was more effective in that effort than General Flynn. He IS the... 

Veterans Voice 

Isn't it interesting he is gagged?

12) If there's anything we know about the left, anything at all, it's that they use the powers available for their purposes without regard to legality or impediment of any form. To use the courts illegally, how delicious. To take out a voice serving the other side? Wonderful.

13) My great friend Joshua Macias has dedicated his life to ending Veteran suicide. You can ask him. He'll validate that silencing the veterans voice has always been one of the most important items on the other side's agenda. Veterans make up the core of America Herself.

14) There is a term for the strategy being used against General Flynn right now. It is called a: 

Decapitation Strike 

Like killing almost any creature, cut off its head and it dies. In this case, it is silence the voice of the leader, and silence all others.

15) Of the uncountable number of reasons for veteran suicide, it is possible that the most important of all is that, upon return, they have no voice. Their words and thoughts, their capabilities are so often rejected by our culture. They are therefore alone. Lost. Voiceless.

16) The left - and let's be clear, the Obama team - completely knew that if General Flynn was allowed to rise to high power, he would give great comfort, solace and leadership to the entire veteran community. If you wish to silence that community, that's unacceptable.

17) The Fear of The Swamp 

So much has been said about this, I almost feel I need not add much more. Yet, what is the true essence here? Or at least one critical component we can grasp? There is a Middle East/D.C. Swamp, anti-America collusion, and Obama is its leader.

18) What happens in any court if you challenge the king? His royal guard surrounds you and throws you in a dungeon. You are soon executed, or worse, left to starve to death. The king brooks no challenge. No strong man does. Flynn challenged Obama, and the swamp went to work.

19) This single reason is the sad source of the likelihood that our petition will go unanswered. President Trump's advisors are always coaching him how to negotiate with the swamp. They - many of them - are true swamp creatures themselves. Those such will never advise Pardon.

20) Consider our next point: 

The Victim of a Coordinated Attack by Weaponized Government 

Rice, Powers, Brennan, Jarrett, McCabe, Comey and so many others. With Obama as their commander, they targeted General Flynn. Their crimes are of no danger to themselves, at all.

21) Go back to the Middle East/D.C. Cabal, and Obama. Pallets of cash sent to Iran. Oh no, this was not illegal. The government has weighed in and assured us. How is Iran paying for its current nuclear push? With the money that Obama sent them. Hold onto that.

22) While all the criminals that targeted General Flynn walk free and write their books and get their cushy jobs with CNN, General Flynn is silenced, and cannot speak. We all dream he'll be cleared at court. But what real basis do we build that dream upon? Trust in the judicial system?

23) So, I ask, who's doing worst case scenario analysis? What if the court slams down its gavel and throws General Flynn into prison? What then? Will the new theory be that this too was part of the plan? His next sacrifice is jail time? Work with me. That is absolutely possible. Yet, I say nay. If he is sentenced to jail time I believe we can draw the conclusion that there was no plan, or at least that it wasn’t a successful one.

24) That brings us to @KellsBellsSC last point. 

It is time to... 

It is time, friends. Who has @POTUS' ear? Who can speak for the other case? So far, we've heard nothing about a pardon. That means the advisors are advising...against.

25) Personally, I'll be both shocked and thrilled if the court does the right thing. And if it does, the credit will go most of all to Sidney Powell. If the court fails to do the right thing, she'll deserve NO blame. My own sad fear is that it will do the wrong thing. So, let's go there again.

26) One of the greatest powers of the swamp is that no one ever has to sign on and admit that they're a swamp creature. None of the 100% Democrat supporting prosecutors that Mueller picked thinks of himself as a swamp creature. And neither does Flynn's first defense team.

27) Yet, there can be no question. He was coerced. Sidney Powell has documented this coercion. Why didn't his 1st defense team defend him, protect him, support him and prevent his guilty plea? Why? My theory is that, witting or unwitting, they were on the prosecution's side.

28) Follow the 'unwitting' theory. They recognize the unlimited power and resources of the prosecution. They make a judgment call, that the prosecution can't be stopped. They make another judgement call about how much the court will favor the prosecution. Boom.

29) This immediately results in every form of pressure that the prosecution employs being amplified by basic, submissive agreement from the defense team. Point to the swamp. The rigged system protects itself and everyone gets to think he's a good guy. No black hats, all white.

30) It is time. Waiting on a rigged system to clear an innocent man, the greatest leader our side has after Trump is, I fear, a foolish thing. One of the great ways that power systems allow their members to continue on is to avoid all points of urgency.

31) Why intervene? Let things play out and react later, once the information is in. Why risk doing something now that will be disapproved of? No, wait till after the election. And then, maybe. Or, wait till your last day in office. That's the course of better wisdom, they soothe.

32) Who has reach, and can speak to the President? Whoever you are, please tell him there's another side to this case. What if the judge throws out the recommended no-time in jail? What if he instead imposes the maximum sentence the law allows at his discretion?

33) Have you considered the reaction of America Herself at this injustice should it occur? Only the President can prevent this horrific threat before it is realized. Yes, there is a chance that the outcome will be no jail time. A chance. But there is the other chance as well.

34) Besides, a pardon by innocence is the only correct outcome. Pardoning General Flynn from his guilt is a weak, false thing. He is NOT guilty. He is 100% innocent. The judge has no such power, unless he dismisses the case in total. What's your call on that chance?

35) I say the judge essentially cannot throw out the case. Why not? General Flynn's 1st defense team didn't just talk him into the guilty plea, they persuaded him to defend it before the judge. He is hoisted on his own words. How is the judge to throw that out?

36) And consider if the judge did throw it out. That would be a direct indictment upon the entire illegal Mueller investigation. Enter again Trump's advisors. They don't want Mueller's investigation and illegal prosecutions brought under the light of day.

37) So, I, along with @KellsBellsSC, say again, it is time to... 


Now, before the chance that the judge does the wrong thing is realized. Now, by innocence, not guilt. Now, in rejection of Mueller's evil, illegal process.

38) Now, because it is time to defeat the coordinated attack by a weaponized government. No more patient waiting. Now, because we want the swamp to shiver and quake and fear, and discover that they are, each of them nothing but swamp creatures.

39) Now, because it is time to give the veterans back their voice and to defeat the decapitation strike perpetrated by America's worst internal enemies. Now, because to allow our nation's hero to be silenced is anathema to any truly patriotic heart.

40) Now, because we need a hero, and there is no other who can fill General Flynn's shoes. 

Yes, it is time to... 


Pat Scopelliti