9th Analysis - 7 August 2019

This is the 9th formal analysis of the #PardonFlynnNow movement.

1) I think we on the right need to just concede this fact. The left is vastly better at counting days, counting minutes than we are. That's what I LOVE about the meme below, created, I believe, by @Beg1Girl. That's not just a watch, it's a chronometer, to be sure!

2) I've never been to a Democrat Party planning session, but I've heard and read plenty about them. They're massively well-funded. They have paid activists in leadership roles. And they know how to pump up their volunteers. They have many, many decades of organizing knowhow.

3) I can envision their large screen TVs in an office right next to a Starbucks, everyone with a grand something or other in hand. Food is plentiful and bond of unity palpable. On the screens, is the day count, probably a countdown? How many days are there until 3 Nov 20?

4) I'm not trained in modern technology, or the state of the art in project management. I do know what a Gantt chart is. If you don't, please take a moment to check out the article, here:


5) They tell me pictures are powerful. Don't try to understand everything in this picture if you're not a project manager, or so inclined. But, please DO try to imagine that winning elections is just a project, and it must be organized. Meditate on that, will you please?

6) There are many ways in which I am NOT a Reince Priebus fan. But, what he did for America, in 2012, following our defeat, was an historic gift. His failure analysis led to the RNC's edge in 2016. It was a battle, but the Trump team and the RNC did end up united.

7) I have direct knowledge of this, in that the RNC provided me with data and analysis, under a hypothesis I offered them. I formulated the hypothesis, but @JoshuaMacias and @Al_Baldasaro were my teachers. Put most simply, veteran votes win elections.

8) I cannot guarantee it, but all the data I see coming in, now, indicates that the Democrats have realized that this is a vulnerability of the highest order. And that, my friends, is why they rejoice on their own Gantt charts, for every single day @GenFlynn is gagged.

9) Picture it right now. Later today, imagine that @realDonaldTrump pardons Gen Flynn. I can tell you my first call, after congratulating him, will be to the RNC. I'll hit them with the story - don't know if they remember it or not - of what we did in 2016.

10) I guarantee you they have the data. We can find that combination of key, battleground states AND highest concentration of veterans, and we can have rallies going, led by Gen Flynn, in a matter of weeks, maybe less. We've established the method. It works.

11) You can look up networking theory for yourself. If you're not familiar with it, please do. The network of veterans in America IS America's greatest, most influential, most patriotic and dedicated that we have. If it is rallied, we will certainly win the Presidential Election.

12) Sadly, my analysis indicates, however, that this time we'll need more in order to retake the House and hold the Senate. For that, my analysis indicates we require local leaders, self-activated, self-guided, to rise up and create local teams for high performance missions.

13) Let's go ahead and throw the Senate and the White House to @parscale and @realDonaldTrump . Let's imagine they can hold our line, there. That places the House, again as it was in 2018, in our hands. A thorough approach would call for teams in 435 districts.

14) You'd think it wouldn't be that difficult to recruit 435 leaders, and with 8 followers on each team, 3,480 such volunteers. I know, most people don't like to be called followers. Yet, we need both, leaders and followers. And we need everyone comfortable about it.

15) But there's good news! We don't actually need all 435 teams - please remember, my real number is 100,000, but that's to win the entire future - we just need teams in those key districts that determine control of the House. That's what the RNC taught me in 2016.

16) Have I told you the story of the power of 2? One person can be stopped. Two cannot. I know I've shared the story of @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump as just such an example. But I'll share, briefly, where I learned the principle.

17) My wife and I have the great blessing of an autistic son. He is the light of our lives. He'll turn 30 this month. Early in our journey, my wife met a gal at Anthony's school, and they bonded. I didn't want to get involved in the local issues, but who can deny his wife?

18) I can't take the time to walk you through all the details. Suffice it to say that those two gals pushed me through my hoops and tricked me into leading a local rebellion that won. The school system was never the same after those two gals bonded. The power of two.

19) America needs @GenFlynn, and she needs him now. Tick tock. With their sophisticated Gantt charts, the left knows they must keep Gen Flynn off the field of fight. He is a game changer. And he, together with @realDonaldTrump enjoy the power of two. Silence is their only hope.

20) And that, my friends, is the real reason for the ongoing gag order. And that is why so many in @POTUS advisory world counsel against the very thing America needs most. So, my request is that you join me in petition the President, please...


Pat Scopelliti