Palace Intrigue - 18th Analysis - 19 September 2019

19 September 2019 - #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow analysis, we're going to look at the topic of palace intrigue. The entire attack against Flynn was the most well-coordinated in all of American history. If we don't assume Obama anticipated Trump's win, then planning began November 9, 2016.

2) I think the data indicates, however, two points calling for a far earlier date. First, @SidneyPowell1 has shown evidence supporting a far earlier commencement of surveillance. Either by a FISA warrant or just 100% illegal use of America's vast surveillance power.

3) In fact, considering @GenFlynn's support of @vabelle2010 in her response to McCabe's attack against her, and her ouster from the FBI, alongside his testimony to Congress about ISIS, it may well be that Obama had him surveilled as far back as 2014.

4) The second point to consider, relative to the initiation of both surveillance and planning against @GenFlynn is Obama's extraordinary political capability, analytical chops, and the strength of his team for their evil purposes. It is extremely possible Obama called for Trump.

5) It's possible that my own work enters the story here, tangentially. I have reason to believe the Obama team was reading my analysis - it was published online - long before I made my own call for Trump on 15 Oct 2016. What's more, it was all emailed to @GenFlynn.

6) But to be sure, they wouldn’t have needed anything I provided to see what a HORRIBLE candidate HRC was. Besides, I for one never believed Obama wanted her to win any more than he wants Joe Biden to win now. His ego doesn't inform it.

7) Also, I never bought those campaign rallies Obama finally did for HRC at the end. They rang false to me. Weak support, too little, too late, and all focused on himself not her. Nah, hard for me to believe he and his team were surprised by Trump's victory.

10) Two, Flynn gets fired by Trump - in public - for lying to VP Pence. Three, VP Pence has a second - and to my knowledge last - interview with Wallace, in which he sanctimoniously states his complete agreement with Flynn's firing for cause. We'll return to that another time.

11) We can skip forward over how the trap was sprung, from Sally Yates ridiculous Logan Act malarkey, to Comey's criminal behavior with Strozk and Pientka, and McCabe's "you don't need an attorney," to the missing 302. Others have mapped that out to perfection.

12) A point that has confused me, greatly, until the past few days is the following. I knew about Comey's attack against Trump over Trump's request that he "go easy" on Flynn. It never made the slightest sense to me what could possibly be wrong about that.

13) In fact, we now know to a T that there IS nothing wrong about that. But still, other than constant yammering against Flynn, I didn't see the purpose, and here's what I missed. Yes, I knew that Comey had typed up his after-meeting report and leaked it.

14) And yes, I knew that Comey has always made plain that he intended, and succeeded, to get a Special Counsel appointed by leaking his report. But what I always missed was the single fact that the leaked report was all about his discussion with Trump...about Flynn.

15) So, rewind to the recording of the Kislyak/Flynn conversation and its unmasking. Flynn was speaking to whom? Russia. Who did Obama target in his last days? Russia. What is Trump asking Comey to go easy about? The investigation into Flynn...over his alleged Russia Collusion.

16) Pause for a moment with me, and consider the phenomenal coordination, timing, communication, operational discipline in all this. The Kislyak conversation was recorded in December. And here, in February, Comey, who is soon to be fired, strikes.

17) By the way, I know why I got confused about all this. It was the Russia Dossier that got all the attention, and we now know with 100% certainty that Comey lied about it in that very meeting, to Trump. Talk about a distraction! Flynn was the target, the pivotal target.

18) Let's be 100% clear, the ultimate target was always Trump. They wanted to take down the duly elected POTUS. But they wanted, and they succeeded in taking down Flynn, and while a secondary target, he was only barely so. They wanted to use that target to take down Trump.

19) But failing getting Trump - which they never though would occur - Flynn is their consolation prize. I have absolutely zero doubt about that. They got him. At least that was a victory for them. They failed with Trump, but at least they got Flynn.

20) As a coach, I have served winners, who come in first. I have served losers who come in second or lower. The losers always have a way of converting defeat into victory. I never oppose them in this, it's just human nature. We comfort ourselves. Sometimes we even celebrate.

21) 'The Mueller Report didn't end as well as we might have hoped but look at the time we won! And, while we didn't get Trump, damnit, we at least got Flynn, hallelujah.' And can you imagine their laughter and glee over all their friends in the WH supporting them against Flynn?

22) If you can't take down the king, then, at least you can take down his greatest friend, his greatest surrogate, and the most dangerous man in his court. That's a good day at the office. As I've stated countless times, count the days. I promise you; they do.

23) Here's my greatest fear about AG Barr. He has approached the Mueller Investigation as if it were legal, and not illegal. If @POTUS were to #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence that would place the illegality of the Special Counsel under the spotlight.

24) That's what I mean about palace intrigue. How can AG Barr support a full #PardonOfInnocence? If he does, it would make his support of Mueller look foolish, and a man in his position cannot afford to look foolish. I sadly predict he is one who would 100% oppose Flynn's pardon.

25) We'll pick up there, tomorrow, and turn to the palace friendship between Barr and our beloved friend Rosenstein again, and then cover the VP Pence component more deeply. Until then, please join me in requesting: 

Please, #PardonFlynnNow by a 


Pat Scopelliti