Silencing Genreal Flynn: the Greatest Force Multiplier - 16th Analysis - 17 September 2019

17 September 2019 - #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

1) One of the comments I see most frequently in response to the petition

#PardonFlynnNow with a #PardonOfInnocence, is that it’s not needed.

He’s going to be exonerated at law, and then turn around and sue for his

losses once granted innocence by the court. That’s what I hear.

2) I always say the same thing, something in the order of, may it be so.

But then, we have to look at a few uncomfortable details. How, exactly

will this happen? And when? And are we 100% certain of the outcome?

What if the court fails to exonerate? What then?

3) There’s this painful thing I do called Worst Case Scenario Analysis. A

painful example is the question: what if the court throws the book at

@GenFlynn and sentences him to the maximum extent of the law? I’m

certainly NOT predicting that. Rather, I’m honestly asking. What if?

4) There are two elements of my own case I answer with, in response. A

pardon frees Flynn, giving him back his voice, releasing him back to us,

his followers, so he may lead us again, instantly. Zero days. And I

assure you, this is the exact OPPOSITE of what the swamp wants.

5) I say again, please, please, start counting the days. Flynn is the

greatest force multiplier in all of Trump world. You can easily imagine

how uncomfortable that might make many who less confident in their

actual power of voice. They too, his competitors, love his silence.

6) It is my own analysis of Gen Flynn’s strengths and weaknesses that

leads me to propose he lacks a certain cutthroat competitiveness in a

100% cutthroat game. That is, his political enemies rejoice in his

discomfort and he does not respond back in that manner to them.

7) It’s not that I want him to mimic them in their disgusting values, but

rather, he needs to defeat them at their own game. Right now, he can’t.

So, it’ on us. But guess what? We still want to play by the same old

rules the swamp has mastered against us. We can’t win that way.

8) Which brings me to my second point. Even if Flynn doesn’t, as I am so

often told, NEED a pardon - I say he DESERVES one - I argue that

@POTUS needs to be the one to solve this, now. Let the following term

seep into your thinking mind: a #PardonOfInnocence.

9) A #PardonOfInnocence has been done before, but don’;t take my word for it.

Read the following article in full. It answers every question - and busts all the

myths - about the Presidential Power of Pardon:


10) I know, Trump has the world to think about. He’s a busy guy. But

how could he ever be too busy to remember the sacrifice made by his

friend? And how could he ever forget that it was targeting Flynn that was

the pivotal move in setting up the Russia Collusion Hoax?

11) As I’ve stated many times, I think Flynn should not only be pardoned,

but fully restored to his former position. Did I mention that days count? If

Flynn was pardoned today, he could be appointed by the President

today, back into his former position. Days count.

12) But assuming that won’t happen, days will still count even after the

National Security Adviser is appointed. They will count toward 2020. And

the day @Potus decides to #PardonFlynnNow by a

#PardonOfInnocence will be a good day for America.

So, that’s my response.

Pat Scopelliti