The No Plan Plan FOR General Flynn? - 15th Analysis - 16 September 2019

16 September 2019 - #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

1) #PardonFlynnNow supporters, contemplate the lines from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake: 

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand 

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour"

2) I add: 

To see the Soul of a Nation 

In the Story of just one Man 

And determine America's Station 

In all of History's Span

3) Here's a theory for you. There is no plan FOR @GenFlynn. His sacrifice is being made SOLELY due to the evil PLAN of the Obama administration AGAINST him. Against Trump. Against America. Against the peaceful transfer of power upon which our nation is founded.

4) Try it on for size. It fits all the facts and is the simplest explanation of them. He really didn't know that the two FBI agents were evil actors. He didn't lie to them and wasn't afraid of them. He didn't know McCabe was involved in a coup. They weren't friends, but a coup?

5) Once the nature of the attack against him becomes clear, he asks for a recommendation from a friend or two, or by whatever means, finds Kelner and team. He doesn't know that Kelner will mount the worst defense ever. How could he know that?

6) In December 2018, Kelner and team has him believing his guilty plea was the one and only path available and will get him the lightest sentence. So, half persuaded it was his responsibility what others did wrongly, he defends his plea to the Judge.

7) How could he have known that the Judge would go off the rails and attack him as a traitor? This is part of some vast plan? I think not. I think Kelner was wittingly or unwittingly more fearful of Mueller and team than he was dedicated to protecting his client.

8) In all this, overwhelming evidence of Flynn's 100% innocence is withheld. And you're going to tell me Flynn knew that, and was okay with that, due to some Rube Goldberg plan? Not a chance. No one "ripened" the information for the perfect timing.

9) And @SidneyPowell1 was not "held in the background" for the perfect moment of hire. Rather, she should have been hired immediately, but no one guided Gen Flynn to her, back then. He hired the wrong team. Eventually fired them and only then hired the right team.

10) And no perfect outcome is certain even now. Has McCabe been indicted, but the indictment is sealed? Has he not been indicted? Will he ever face real justice? We don't know. No one does. Trump doesn't know. The most likely outcome is his safe protection, coddled like a baby.

11) Friends, Gen Flynn is suffering. He's not omnipotent. He has no superpowers. He doesn't know the future and is not secure due to some hidden plan that will make everything right in the end. Let's jettison these magical imaginations and face reality.

12) Don't misunderstand. If anyone can work miracles, it's @SidneyPowell1. But she is not so needy for her case that she'd oppose a pardon. No, she hasn't told me that, but that's my guess. If she wishes to refute my guess, I'll be thrilled to amend it.

13) It isn't often that a nation's destiny is told in the story of just one man. Most of us simply don't have that impact on history. Gen Flynn does. Why? Yes, he's very special. But that's not why. The reason is he's that special to the worst internal enemies America faces.

14) Try to hold onto the simplicity. Obama makes a move against Russia in the last moments of his administration. He knows the Trump team will have to respond. And, he knows who the man will be to solve the problem he created. Flynn. Obviously. Move one.

15) He's already got surveillance up on Flynn, just wait. Move two. Unmask and leak - which is a serious crime but no matter - move three. The WashPo will surely publish, that's known in advance. Move four. Enter Comey. Lies to the President on this matter. Move five.

16) Comey lies to everyone, but gets Mueller installed as Special Prosecutor. Move six. Wait? We forgot to enter Rod Rosenstein - and how did he get appointed/anointed? No one ever answers that question for me. Rod. Move 5.5, I forgot it. Move seven? FISA. Who can keep count?

17) Truth is often too complex to follow or report properly, let alone analyze. What we don't need to do is add complexity to complexity. No one could have known all the steps Obama would take, not even Obama, let alone some hidden seer. If there's a plan, it's Obama's.

20) I can't escape the reality that the injustice afforded to this one man is most obviously targeted at the entirety of America Herself. We know McCabe saw Flynn is the pivot. We know he saw Trump as the target, which means he saw the American Way as the target.

21) How do you take down more than two centuries of peaceful transition of power? You attack Flynn first. You set up a Russia Collusion hoax on that basis. You attack the President thereby. You get a special counsel on that basis. You set up an impeachment as a result.

22) Let's talk about a previous strategy of just such a nature. Hitler. He knew the world would be loathe to respond to his aggression. He was right. It's called the aggressor's advantage, and he was its great master. Souls such as Neville Chamberlain simply couldn't credit it.

23) Evil thrives in the face of incredulity, and faith that the good guys have the plan to defeat evil. It usually just isn't so. Churchill didn't have much a plan. We'll fight them in the streets, eh? Come on. What he had was will, grit, realism. He knew the enemy and fought.

24) So that's my theory. Gen Flynn has no idea how to win. But he has 100% determination to do so. He's never faced such an enemy before in his life. And his wife and family, fully prepared to support him 100% in his wars against external enemies, had no idea of this battle.

25) Money counts. If you can donate to Gen Flynn's defense fund, please do. I have supported and aided in its creation from day one. I believe in the fund. Please give if you can and dig as deeply into your pocket as you can. Let's talk about why this is so important.

26) As you know, the government's resources against Gen Flynn are infinite. His resources in response to their attack are anything but infinite. The defense fund's purpose is, to what degree it can, to attempt to equalize the imbalance of power against him.

27) I confess, I'm not an adequate scholar nor capable enough researcher to lay out the ins and outs of prosecutorial budgeting as opposed to the costs of defense in our nation. Is this a Constitutional gap? Has it simply evolved along with the swamp?

28) I recently mentioned Trey Gowdy on Hannity from last week. I saw the federal prosecutor's bite come out. He said it's not good to lose. Did you catch that? Not good to lose? And yet, a federal prosecutor is, by law, supposed to fight for justice, NOT conviction.

29) If justice were what they sought, how could federal prosecutors possibly enjoy their 95+% conviction rate? You are know by the fruits of your tree, by your actions and your outcomes. They couldn't give a hoot about justice, only conviction.

30) The plan was simply to take out Flynn, use that to attack the President, use that to wipe out the effects of a national election and take America back into the warm embrace of their power, unopposed, as it's supposed to be. Go back to sleep. Turn off your alarm clock. Snooze.

31) To see the Soul of a Nation, in the Story of just one Man. Will we allow this? But what can we do? How can we have even the slightest impact upon the story of this one hero, sacrificed on the altar of the deep state's power? The answer is so simple. You can petition. 

32) Did you know that you have the Constitutional right to petition? Consider. As my friend @shestokas has outlined, the very FIRST amendment to the Constitution enumerates FIVE rights. Check them out...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

34) No law respecting:

1) an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or

2) abridging the freedom of speech, or

3) freedom of the press, or

4) the right of the people peaceably to assemble, or

5) to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

35) You have the Constitutionally guaranteed right of petition. Did you know that? And who might you petition? It just says the Government. That means ALL 3 branches. You can petition a court, a legislature...or an executive of the Government. You can petition the President.

36) And that's precisely what I implore you to do. Petition @POTUS to #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence. Do you see? The grain of sand that is America's World right now, is Gen Flynn's story. If we stand silent, and fail to petition, it is on us.

37) But what can a small hashtag campaign accomplish? How might we possibly have the slightest impact? The term for the answer is viral. If our hashtags, both of them, were to go viral, we'd have a chance of being heard in the halls of power.

38) The key differential in pure, values-free politics, where winning is the only thing that matters, is this. It is the distinction between a "good story" and a "bad story." As Gen Flynn's opposers are able to label him a "bad story" the possibility of his pardon is zero.

39) That's where we digital warriors enter in. If we make our hashtags explode in social media, then the bad story converts into a good one. We are absolutely that powerful, if we decide to be. If we join forces together, here, and tweet and retweet our hashtags.

40) How do we determine America's Station, in all of History's Span? We petition our @POTUS, please Sir...

#PardonFlynnNow by a


Pat Scopelliti