13th Analysis - 13 September 2019

13 September 2019 - #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

1) Today's #PardonFlynnNow post is in honor of the hopefully soon-to-be late, great, lying, leaking, cheating Andrew McCabe, underlord of the seditious at the top of government, and enemy of all true patriots. And no, I don't like him much, either.

2) I hope you're all familiar with the story of how @GenFlynn helped @vabelle2010 when McCabe was attacking her, and how this was part of the reason Obama fired Flynn. If not, you should follow Robyn and she can give wonderful links to the many times her story has been told.

3) As much as I'd love to see the steel sword of justice fall on him with speed and righteous fury, truth is, I'd rather he cuts the best deal anyone ever cut and brings down all the overlords. How did he rise to the very top of the FBI? He obeyed overlords; I assure you.

4) Clearly, he can help bring down Comey. Clearly, he can help bring down Rosenstein. He's got goods on Yates for sure. And who knows, maybe Lynch, Jarrett and maybe Obama, the great overlord himself. Hell, maybe on Mueller as well.

5) When you look at that list, although hard to credit, even the acting director of the FBI ends up as but a pawn, and one who's well deserved justice I'd happily sacrifice for the greater game in a heartbeat. Not all his justice, but surely some. Oh yeah, that's a deal I'd cut.

6) The great justice I dream of for this dirty swamp rat is merely that he be the fat lady swamp rat singing, ratting out all his even dirtier overlords. That's a movie I'd want to watch, and I hope it happens. Hell, he could even play himself in the damned movie.

7) So, what should happen next? Zero patience me, I don't understand why we have to wait yet another day before Flynn is set free by innocence, a #PardonOfInnocence. While I'd dearly love to see him fully restored to his former post, I already know it won't happen.

8) It should, but it won't. But fantasizing here, if he were merely pardoned, but not restored, today, then he should be involved in the interrogation of McCabe. I don't know the fine ins and outs of these things. I can just feel the ultimate justice of it.

9) Flynn to McCabe: where's my original 302? McCabe: Comey literally ate it. Flynn: where and when? McCabe: in front of me. He asked me for some of my favorite swamp hot sauce we all use when we eat reports never to be seen again. Flynn: Who unmasked me and leaked my recording?

10) Come on all you let-slow-justice-walk-its-slow-walk people. You have to admit, the scene above SHOULD happen, and could only happen under a pardon, today. So, if for nothing else than the joy of the imagination, join me once and request: 



Pat Scopelliti