No One Should Be Surprised - Guest Analysis Thread - Tamara Leigh

1) No one should be surprised:

“...Mueller Gang Threatened @GenFlynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed”




IT'S TRUE: New Evidence Shows Mueller Gang Threatened Gen. Flynn's Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed

We were right!  In May we reported … General Flynn was given an ultimatum by the corrupt Mueller team – choose either your son or your country! This grotesque abuse of power and the legal system by t…



2) Yet...

Most Americans still have faith “in the system”. 

This is misplaced faith in the face of facts.

Until forced into the [in]justice system, as a “good” American, you believe.🇺🇸⚖️

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn



3) The incredible @SidneyPowell1 exposed the weaponization of the [in]justice system and the devastating destruction of “Prosecutorial persecution” in #LicensedToLie.

It continues against @GenFlynn 






4) From @SidneyPowell1 case of Enron & its resulting tragedy of Senator Stevens removal & death (w/ the achieved political end game of shifting the power of Congress), to Mueller “witchhunt” of our duly elected @POTUS @realDonaldTrump — the process is politicized.



5) Not surprising @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump enemies using [in]justice system as political weapon:

Threatened #GenFlynn’s son.

Withheld Brady material.

Undermined Flynn via his own (original) legal team.




6) #PolitcalGamesTheyPlay #DrainTheSwamp 

From the highest courts to the #SwampInOurBackyard courts - they politicize the process, control what does or doesn’t go into the court record, and abuse the trust of #WeThePeople.

It’s wrong.

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn 



7) #WeAreAllFlynn is more true than most “good” Americans realize.

IF it an happen to one of America’s Greatest Heroes, it can and does happen to any one of us.

Look at Robyn Gritz @vabelle2010 or any other ally of @GenFlynmn and @POTUS of how #TheSwamp destroys.


8) Just look at corruption being exposed in the CPS system.

I know of what corrupt courts, politicized gov, and the #SwampInOurBackyard looks like, but I cannot imagine anything more horrific than having to fight against it for your kids.


The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

...heart-breaking stories of CPS corruption, including how children are being taken away unnecessarily and put in very abusive situations. Her conclusion is that “there is no responsibility and no ac…


9) What most Americans do to their detriment is to put misplaced belief and trust in these “systems”.

In our #TamaraLeighsTrendOmn with @AndrewPollackFL - Mr. Pollack said one of the teachers of his daughter, Meadow’s murderer tried to tell him he was a

Tamara Leigh: "Tamara Leigh’s Trend On featuring Brent Hamachek"

Tamara Leigh (@TamaraLeighsTrendOn).


10)...the teacher tried to tell Meadow’s murder prior to that event that even though all of his behaviors were troublesome (to say the least), that he (Meadow’s murderer) was a “good boy”.

@AndrewPollackFL said the boy replied, “No I’m not.”

The teacher wanted to believe he was.

11) This teacher is a classic example of what we as Americans (& others) do (again to our detriment) of projecting our values and what we want to believe is true onto undeserving people or systems.

Young couple trying to prove human kindness killed by ISIS

“Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own."


12) It’s not until someone is forced into the [in]justice system.

They wage a war of attrition wIth bottomless bank accounts (often taxpayer funded) against the targeted.
What would you do?

You do #WhateverItTakes

Until you can’t.

And then they win.



13) The average American has little or no hope fighting against the corruption. There are far too many decent American citizens who were destroyed and had no chance.

Thankfully, social media affords a leveling of the playing by exposing the corruption.

This is power back to us.


14) Thankfully @realDonaldTrump is #DrainingTheSwamp and #WeThePeople are exposing corruption (and more importantly not tolerating it anymore).
But until then, why trust this [in]justice system to do the right thing?




15) They’ve made a mockery of our courts, intelligence communities, & Constitution.

They’re counting on their corrupt control over the process & its pawns.

They should NOT be rewarded with #WeThePeople’s patience & faith in the [in]justice system.




Pat Scopelliti