Anatomy of a CIA Frame Job - Guest Analysis by Gigi Sims @1GigiSims - 01 October 2019

Lt. General Michael Flynn: The Change Maker  - Anatomy of a CIA Frame Job.

What American’s need to understand is that the targeting of General Michael Flynn is not just about him, it’s really about all of us. His case represents how the U.S. government., <your> government operates under a shroud of secrecy to subvert the will of the people, and the rule of law in order to maintain power, and enrich themselves. Those faceless few will do anything and destroy anyone to preserve their throne. A compliant media dissuades others inclined to challenge that power themselves by squashing dissenters and truth tellers who are targeted for ruination should they pose a viable threat to the establishment.

While battling corrupt prosecutors, Sidney Powell (Flynn’s new lawyer) and Gen. Flynn expose how government misconduct, and abuse of power served President Trump’s coup plotters to manufacture an illegal prosecution of Gen. Flynn and thus to weaken Trump’s fledgling administration. The outcome will define a shift towards restoration or serve as further confirmation of a two tiered justice system.

In many ways, it’s a criminal case against the American people and whether or not our elite class will be held to account for usurping the power, freedom, and liberty granted to all of us by the United States Constitution.

 I urge all of you to please take the time to read my sourced work. If we are to have any hope of preserving the foundations of this country we must be informed about how the system of unchecked power serves to dismantle them. The only investment required is your time. 


Let’s get to it.

To you General Flynn and your family in honor of your sacrifice.

To understand why the U.S. government has General Flynn in its crosshairs, we must look at defining moments in his career and the symbiotic relationship between politicians, the intelligence community, the Department of Justice, the Democrat Media Complex (more commonly known as the mainstream media), and the unelected ruler of America, the “Military Industrial [Intelligence] Complex.”

“Flynn would be extolled by Admiral Mike Rogers, the Director of the National Security Agency, as “the best intelligence officer of the past 20 years.” A well-known maverick, Flynn had been asked to “shake things up” at the 17,000-person agency.” 

“Long before Lt. General Michael Flynn became Donald Trump’s choice for his National Security Advisor, he believed that the Central Intelligence Agency had become a political tool of the Obama administration.” New York Times would like you to think that most people believe that John Brennan is trustworthy but that is just part of a web of complex stories issued from the horses mouth by a complicit meda apparatus.

The report, authored by Flynn and two others, called “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” was as critical of the CIA as of military intelligence."

"The CIA is supposed to be a check on the military and their Intel, not their hand maiden," said former CIA case officer, Robert Baer. [It didn’t matter if McCrystal & Flynn were both right, that their methods saved lives, or made the military more efficient.]

17) Flynn’s criticism of the military and CIA intelligence standards of operation and his transformative redesign challenge was not well received by all. Flynn’s analysis not only bruised egos but threatened unchecked power by those accustomed to flying under the radar. 

18) It was the opposite of what the egocentric former President Obama or the Military Industrial, Intelligence Complex wanted from their soldiers. Less than four months later General McChrystal along with his decades of experience and career were toast. 

“A one-of-a-kind commander with a remarkable record of achievement, 4 Star General Stanley McChrystal is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused Intel and ops. He criticized Obama in a private conversation within earshot of an embedded news reports so 30 years of valuable, irreplaceable experience, and expertise were flushed over silly comments.

We’ll delve into the significance of Jim Jones and Richard Holbrooke in Part II or three of this series of reports. 

The former Secretary of Defense retired General Jim Mattis admitted that Obama’s lack of response to Iran’s ‘Act of War,’ in the thwarted domestic terrorist attack in Washington D.C., was because of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Mattis said “We treated an act of war as a law enforcement violation.” Obama fired him in late 2012.  

The U.S. Military under Obama became a force for overthrowing seven Middle Eastern countries in order to install their leadership with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and “holding his umbrella when it rained.” I covered Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11 (PSD-11) blueprint minus the umbrella in a past Twitter thread here on post 16 (Investors Daily

A look back to 2012: “If the Directors of National Security James Clapper, John Brennan and FBI Robert Mueller resented General Flynn's honesty and – as it turned out – his accurate assessment, things were about to get worse.” —Saul Montes Bradley 

To understand the targeting of General Flynn. we return to the days in which he joined General Stanley McChrystal in Iraq. Together the two men, revolutionized the (JSOC), creating the most effective network to combat terrorism, leading to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarkawi, and Osama bin Laden.” 

BENGHAZI:  “Problems began almost immediately upon Flynn’s return to the U.S.” 

BENGHAZI- Senator CRUZ: Did either of you during those seven and a half hours have any conversations with Secretary Clinton during that attack? 

BENGHAZI- SEN. CRUZ: General Dempsey characterized the Benghazi attack as an organized military attack. What is your assessment? 

Then-Director of National Intelligence JAMES CLAPPER: I would characterize the attack on the Temporary Mission Facility much more of a vandalism and looting thing. 

Looters? The former General and Director of National Intelligence Clapper defines looters as men heavily armed with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and mortars? Just your average rowdy delinquent, nothing to see here. 

Now…Wait for it… 

SEN. CRUZ: General Flynn do you have anything to add? 

Flynn: “This was an organized attack, planned over several months, and what we observed afterwards confirms it.” Flynn laid bare the naked truth but his honesty ensured that a reckoning would be forthcoming and he knew it. 

“Of all Trump’s choices, White House officials said it was the selection of General Flynn that felt like the most devastating blow.” [Let’s be clear, the only thing that concerned Obama about Flynn is that —he would tell the truth.]

In 2012, then-DIA Director General Flynn, released a report warning the Obama Whie House about the rise of ISIS in a formerly classified “SECRET//NOFORN” Aug. 12, 2012, which was circulated widely among various govt. agencies, including CENTCOM, CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, the State Department, and others.

But that didn’t stop Obama from publically blaming the Intel community for the rise of ISIS. The former DNI James Clapper was all too happy to fall to his knees & take it. Clapper told Washington Post’s David Ignatius that “he underestimated the will of the ISIS fighters in Iraq.” 

Obama was asked in a “60 minutes” interview if he had been surprised by the rise of Islamic State, he replied:

General Flynn spoke the truth and let the chips fall. “We saw all this connective tissue developing between these [proliferating] terrorist groups. So when asked if the terrorists were on the run or defeated we couldn’t respond with any answer but ‘no.’”

Then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta directed me to ‘shake things up.’ “The nation is confronting a dangerous era, facing multiple threats and challenges from Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Islamic terrorist groups, et al. If I wasn’t shaking things up, I probably wouldn’t have been doing my job.”

Forced to retire 2014: Rogers presented Flynn with the Defense Distinguished Service Medal for his exceptional job at the helm of Defense Intelligence Agency and the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper presented Flynn with both the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal and the Intelligence Community Seal Medallion. 

In 2015 Flynn dropped a truth bomb. During an interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan the retired General pressed further. “Flynn seemed to want to make clear that the rise of ISIS was not the result of ignorance or looking the other way but the result of conscious decision making.” 

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis who just released his new book “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead,” confirmed what Flynn said in 2015 during an interview on CBS' Face the Nation last Sunday. The Obama admin ignored DIA’s warning about ISIS. 


Then General Flynn released another lever on the floodgate that would bring his reckoning ever closer. Obama's former top military Intel official said Tuesday that the White Houe ignored reports prefacing the rise of ISIS in 2011 and 2012 because they did not fit its re-election ‘narrative.’

Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, and Peter Martland resign from Cambridge Intelligence seminar once attended by Mike Flynn. This was the launch of FlynnGate. Halper and Andrew planted a false story that Flynn was compromised by a Russian spy.

 “Flynn was a critic of the unchecked power of the U.S. intelligence community and it would come back to haunt him in due time. More on the former MI-6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove and the Cambridge Professor —CIA spy, Stefan Halper in a bit.”

As Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn wanted to prioritize several highly charged foreign policy agenda items, ending the Iran deal, moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

For those efforts, he has been effectively bankrupted for the supposed crime of misleading the FBI about a perfectly legal conversation he had, as incoming national security adviser, with the former Russian ambassador to the United States. 

“Through his experience as a general in foreign war zones, he found several fractures in the Intel cycle, which harmed U.S. troops’ ability to succeed on the battlefield. As the NSA, Flynn intended to conduct an AUDIT on the INTEL COMMUNITY as a whole.” 

“A classic example of how the deep state goes about its work can be seen in the case of General Flynn. The intelligence and investigative arms of the regime dig up dirt, and then move it to their Fourth Estate collaborators, who enjoy First Amendment immunity to get it out.” 

General Flynn’s reckoning day had come. Once exposed, history will remember the American architects and collaborators who contrived the Russia Hoax as having done more damage to our republic and her once trusted institutions than any Russians ever dreamt possible. 


On July 31, 2016, corrupt FBI investigators and counterintelligence attorneys under the leadership of FBI Director James Comey, opened an investigation into the Trump campaign code named “Crossfire hurricane.” The investigation was named after a lyric from the Rolling Stones 1968 single “Jumpin Jack Flash.”

In 2016, the National Security Agency successfully collected the records of 151 million American phone calls through the use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders to collect information for 42 individuals. 

Over a legal phone call? The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the United States Department of the Treasury all collectively worked on the investigation into Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. 


The Crossfire Hurricane investigation is launched. CIA Dir. John Brennan, sends an <EYES ONLY> courier to President Obama, Denis McDonough, Avril Haines and Susan Rice.

Brennan made his task force “(or legitimized the one from April).” Analysts from the CIA, the NSA & the FBI would report to two groups: 1) Obama and 14 officials and 2) Read to continue...”

We continue with former FBI Director James Comey and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s directive to FBI Special Agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka to interview General Flynn about his contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. As Trump’s NSA his conversations with Kislyak were appropriate, legal, & in performance of his duty.

According to his memo, McCabe wrote that he told Flynn by phone on Jan. 24, 2017 that he had a “sensitive matter to discuss.” Both he and Comey wanted to send 2 agents to go over his contacts with Russians, amid media reports on the subject. | |

“I explained that I thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between him & the agents only,” McCabe said he told Flynn that if he wanted to include lawyers from the White House counsel's office, McCabe would “need to involve the Department of Justice,” McCabe wrote. 

The then-acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates “was not happy” when FBI Director James Comey informed her that the FBI was interviewing Flynn. The report also said several unnamed people back at FBI headquarters “later argued about the decision to interview Flynn.” 

Comey & Strzok briefed Acting AG Sally Yates after Strzok interviewed Flynn. 

Flynn's legal team said the FBI discouraged him from bringing a lawyer to the interview and never advised him false statements could constitute a crime. Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered prosecutors to hand over government files related to the FBI’s questioning of Flynn.

“Sullivan -- who overturned the 2008 conviction of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens after government misconduct came to light -- is weighing how to sentence Flynn. Sullivan also had ordered the Flynn team to turn over documents backing up its assertions.” Fox News 

Flynn said he was never paid directly by the media entities or Russia. 

Then-acting USAG Sally Yates and AAG Mary McCord briefed the White House staff on Strzok’s interview of Flynn. Flynn’s interview failed to produce a smoking gun but the buffoonery to make sure that it did was just getting started.

Yates revived an obscure law from 1799. “Legal scholars and judges have suggested that the Logan Act is unconstitutional. Historically, the act has been used more as a threat to those engaged in various political activities than as a weapon for prosecution.” 

While serious legal minds were snickering at the notion of prosecuting a Logan Act case, Dem House and Senate members and media mouthpieces legitimized it. Inescapable media coverage filled the airwaves for their unsuspecting voter base while Democrats fundraised off of their fury.

According to Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, in the 218 years of its existence, the Logan Act had never been enforced but somehow it suddenly became a grave concern. 

Surprisingly, even the CIA’s mouthpiece, thought this was a knuckle dragger. They had the same conclusion in 1984, but their Obsessive Compulsive Trump Derangement Syndrome in 2019 gave them plenty of motivation to post a fury of articles contradicting these two. 

Former Clinton CIA Dir. James Woosley joined the Trump Campaign on September 12, 2016, and then quit while trash talking Trump and Flynn to the media on his way out the door on January 5. A fateful 6 weeks later General Flynn resigned and was suddenly fighting for his freedom. 

Jan. 23, 2017: “There was no active investigation on Flynn and no evidence of wrong doing U.S. officials said.” Nevertheless, the next day on Jan. 24, 2017, Comey and McCabe sent Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka to interview Flynn about his calls with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. 

“President Trump grants Steven Bannon a seat on National Security Council. [The] President also gives Reince Priebus access to sensitive meetings while partially excluding defense chiefs and requesting strategies to defeat ISIS.” [Former Obama officials squawk disinfo.]

Robert Gates spreads Fake News says “There’s only two statutory advisers to the National Security Council and that's the CIA Director, or the Director of National Intelligence, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” One would think that the former CIA Director Robert Gates would know the facts or was he trying to intentionally mislead the public?

The truth: The NSC's statutory members are also the President, the Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy, other Sr. officials, and NSA. 

According to ‘The Guardian,’ Obama NSA Susan Rice was reportedly <shocked> by the NSC reorganization. Rice said that Obama never had the Vice President chair the meeting as Trump was prepared to do in his absence. The parties serve at his pleasure.

Acting USAG Sally Yates announced that under her leadership, the Department of Justice would not defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration.” Democrats call her subsequent firing for insubbordination the “Monday Night Massacre.” 

The Democrat Media Complex weighs in with more deceptive political rhetoric: Trump is a Racist while Dems are Mother Teresa incarnent.

Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser. News media disinfo is insane painting Flynn, as an angry man, who sold out his country. They try him in a court of public opinion, destroy his reputation, and bankrupt him through lawfare.

Former CIA analyst and retired US Army Reserve Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer named several Obama Admin officials he suspected were behind the leaks prompting former Trump NSA Michael Flynn’s resignation. 

“Retired Intelligence officers say then Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and National Security Council are using a sophisticated ‘disinformation campaign.’ The former officers say tactics hurled against Flynn were the type of high profile hard-ball accusations previously reserved for top figures in enemy states, not for White House officials.”

Former CIA Director James Woosley plants a story with the Democrat Media Complex. 

Former CIA Dir. James Woolsey accuses Flynn of plotting to send President Recep Tayyip Erdogan foe back to Turkey. A spokesman for Flynn flatly denied Woolsey's characterization of the meeting. "No such discussion occurred. 

“No such discussion ever occurred. Nor did Mr. Woosley ever inform General Flynn that he held any concerns whatsoever regarding the meeting, either before he chose to attend, or afterwards.” Woolsey accused General Flynn of planning to forcefully remove Turkish Cleric from US.” 

With General Flynn out, thanks in part to Woolsey’s testimony, the popular bipartisan supported General H.R. McMaster was able to take over as NSA. He promptly removed Flynn’s people. 

CBS News spins innuendo about Flynn taking payments from Russia throughout the entire article until the last two paragraphs. Flynn briefed and debriefed the Pentagon before and after the trip then provided a thumb drive of the information and intelligence obtained to the Department of Defense when he returned. Facts that the Democrat Media Complex refuses to report to the masses to this day. 

The Democrat Media Complex has relentlessly lied about Flynn while Rep. Elijah Cummings and other Dems gleefully gas lit the falsehood claiming General Flynn received payments from Russia and failed to disclose them. However the company who paid Flynn is a US co. that many high ranking officials use.

Flynn was not paid by Russia for speaking engagements but by a US based company that represents and books Keynote Speakers. The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper uses the same company. Has he disclosed his payment? Does he need to register as a foreign agent as well? 

The U.S. firm Leading Authorities Inc. books speaking events around the world. Some of their clients include the Former Joint Special Operations Command Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, to former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, as well as, corporate, and NFL executives among others.

Another hit job.

(D) House Representative Elijah Cummings never complained about any of these guys… Wow Hayden and Morel get up to 75K. Neither Cummings, his Democratic colleagues, or Special Counsel Robert Mueller have called for their investigation into these other curious examples of conduct appear to be of any interest to the witch hunters in search of a crime. 

In a country such as these United States of America where we’re told that there is justice for all and equal justice under the law, surely these patrons of the same company as General Flynn warrant more investigation. Yet we’ve heard nothing but support for these purported bastions of law enforcement from Elijah Cummings about them. 

How about the mouth pieces that sling falsehoods for the Democratic Party in order to deceive the American people. Nothing from (D) U.S. House Representative Cummings on them either. They’ve taken up to 35K or more a pop from foreigners. 

OMG, I can’t even, please stop me!

FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and is paramour FBI Attorney Lisa Page texts reveal personal relationship between Peter Strzok and Judge Rudy Contreras who was recused from Flynn case. Contreras was placed on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court just two months before the launch of the FBI’s Cross Fire Hurricane investigation. 

Strzok was the lead investigator on Crossfire Hurricane. Lisa Page FBI Attorney under FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe advised Strzok that Contreras wouldn’t have to recuse himself from Flynn’s case saying Strzok’s friendship wouldn’t pose a conflict of interest. 

Contreras was indeed recused without explanation but not until just days <after> General Flynn’s guilty plea. 

We now know that both FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka said that they thought that Flynn was truthful. 

Strzok and Pientka came back from interviewing Flynn with nothing. However, Sally Yates later testified to Congress that she warned the Trump White House on January 26, Flynn could possibly be blackmailed. Conveniently, she couldn’t offer a full explanation because it was “Classified, classified, classified!” 

In a dramatic display of political theater and abuse of her position as acting U.S. Attorney General, Yates gives weight to her accusation with James Clapper at her side, and apologetically refusing to answer pertinent questions under the standard “It’s classified,” excuse. 

Former DNI James Clapper testifies with Yates: Following an extensive Intel reporting about many Russian efforts to collect on & influence the outcome of the presidential election he said “President Obama asked us to do this in early December and have it completed before the end of his term.”

Clapper further stated during testimony “As you know, the Intelligence Community was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI, under the aegis of my former office, not all 17 components of the IC.” 

Let’s review:  General Michael Flynn, the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director who before meeting Putin took steps to get educated by DIA in order to extract Intel which he later debriefed the DIA about but, according to Sally Yates, he was really a Russian stooge who could be blackmailed? 

“Mark Wauck, a former FBI agent with experience in such tactics, sees an effort at entrapment and “What appears to have been repeated attempts to implicate the Trump campaign, in some sort of quid pro quo arrangement with Russians who claimed to have ‘dirt’ on Hillary.” 

Bombshell Report: 

Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Dept. foreign policy reports. The Pentagon suspended whistle blower of his top-secret security clearance for the discovery.

Documents Adam Lovinger stumbled upon raise troubling questions about Cambridge Professor Steven Halper, who was believed to have worked with the CIA and part of the matrix of players in the Bureau’s ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

Whistle blower Lovinger, an ally of Flynn, was reportedly removed by White House NSA H.R. McMaster. Stefan Halper, who assisted the FBI in the Russia investigation, appears to also have significant ties to the Russian government, as well as sources connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“When Mr. Lovinger raised concerns about DOD’s misuse of Stefan Halper in 2016 he did so w/o any political designs or knowledge of Halper’s spying. Instead, Lovinger simply did what all Americans should expect of our civil servants.” [His 12 yr. Pentagon career is over.] 

The FBI paid Stefan Halper to set up General Flynn by using an innocent Russian Intelligence historian at Cambridge then drops fake news to The Wall Street Journal to smear them both in the media.

"If I did recruit Flynn that would have been one of the greatest - if not the greatest - Russian coup of all times. So it is utterly ridiculous, totally unbelievable. But, for some reason, the world today is such that people buy it." 

"In Britain, I am now being accused of being a Russian spy. In Russia, some think I am a British spy. And I am neither. I am just a historian who writes about an area that has become incredibly politicized." 

"My life has been completely changed by this," says Lokhova, who gave birth to her 1st child before the reports emerged this year. "I felt betrayed that suddenly I had been turned on in such a horrible way for…attending a dinner two help Western intel understand Russia better."

Woosley trashes General Flynn in the media by falsely claiming he offered him a job but turned it down because he didn’t want to work for Flynn. Flynn’s then-lawyer Robert Kelner says “False! Perhaps it’s a case of sour grapes because he was passed over for several jobs in Trump White House.” 

In 2014 while Flynn was still DIA Director he stepped up to help a colleague, former FBI SA Robyn Gritz, who was underfire by FBI DD Andrew McCabe after joining his team. Gritz filed a complaint for harrassment and managements efforts to stall her accomplished 16 year career with the Bureau. 

“Is the FBI's criminal probe against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn a case of political retaliation? A new report from Circa News by Sara Carter and John Solomon sure makes a strong case for it.” 

“As soon as Gritz revealed to the FBI that Flynn and other top federal figures had written letters to support her case and likely would be called as witnesses, the bureau dispatched a lawyer to try to block the evidence from being included in the EEO case, documents show.” 

FBI Deputy Directory McCabe’s own testimony provided some of the strongest evidence in the case of possible retaliation, because he admitted the FBI opened an internal investigation into Gritz’s personal conduct after learning the agent “had filed or intended to file” a sex discrimination complaint.

McCabe eventually became the bureau’s No. 2 executive and emerged as a central player in the FBI’s Russia election tampering investigation, putting him in a position to impact the criminal inquiry against Flynn. 

Like so many other Directors of three letter agencies past and present, investigators, and judges in the Trump Russia coup, they had an obligation to recuse themselves but chose not to. 

Flynn’s firing may have been <part> of a political hit job as retaliation for Flynn's involvement in a sex discrimination case against FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. —It certainly gave McCabe extra motivation but he was just a soldier in a much bigger battle. 

Meanwhile, Woosley and his wife proposed a lobbying and Public Relations campaign to target Turkish cleric Fettulah Gulen in meet with Ekin Alptekin and Sezgin Baran Krkmaz in New York. An email shows that they sketched a plan to publicly accuse the cleric of a coup attempt of Turkish President Erdogen.

The outrageous claims waged by former CIA Dir. Woosley against General Flynn was written by a journalist known for planting stories for the CIA, specifically, EX-CIA Dir. John Brennan who, himself, has been rumored to be the kingpin of the Russia collusion hoax.  

Woosley takes it a step further by notifying then-Vice President Joe Biden to report Flynn. But Reuters said that they viewed an email showing the Woosley and his wife tried to secure a $10 million contract with Turkey while pointing the finger at some unidentified person(s).

“A prominent National Security reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Ken Dilanian, routinely submitted drafts and detailed summaries of his stories to CIA press handlers prior to publication explicitly promising positive news coverage about congressional oversight of drone strikes and CIA operations in Yemen.

According to a report by The Intercept in 2014, Ken Dilanian, now an Associated Press intelligence reporter who previously covered the CIA for the Los Angeles Times wrote more favorable coverage of drone strikes after then CIA Director John Brennan delivered a speech. 

Here Dilanian asks the CIA for approval on the verbiage of his reporting. ”The sources would not say how long the American teams have been operating in the tribal regions of Yemen, a country that President Obama said that he had “no intention of sending U.S. boots on the ground.”


Flynn’s lawyer, Robert K. Kelner with Covington & Burling LLP, called Woosley’s accusations “outrageous” and “false.” It was Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was leaking false information to the Wall Street Journal about an active investigation. Another of many such leaks within Special Counsel to try Flynn in the court of public opinion and add fuel to Trump Russia Hoax. 

Robert Kelner: “Today’s news cycle has brought allegations about General Flynn, ranging from kidnapping to bribery, that are so outrageous and prejudicial that we are making an exception to our usual rule: they are false.” 

Kelner, Flynn’s lawyer called Woosley’s accusations “outrageous,” and “false.” It was SC Robert Mueller who was leaking false info to the WSJ about an active investigation. Another of many such leaks within SC to try Flynn in the court of public opinion and fuel to Russia Hoax.

A warrant for the arrest of ex-CIA officer Graham Fuller was issued by Turkish officials. Turkey issued an arrest warrant for a former officer with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency on Friday over his alleged links to last year's attempted coup in the country. 

James Comey would later play to the audience during an interview with NBC’s Nicole Wallace boasting that he took advantage of the fledgling Trump admin indicating that the FBI manipulated Flynn to take the interview without having an attorney present. 

Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell appeared on Hannity with an update on the day’s court proceeding September 10, 2019.  

Please support General Flynn. 

When the full force of the United States government comes after you, it’s a financial hardship beyond compare. Thank you.

The counsel representing former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn headed by Sidney Powell laid out a series of reasons in a letter in late August as to why her client will not testify or submit more documents to Chairman Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee. Powell provides a strong argument for Schiff’s motivation. She details his relentless harassment by examining his abundant questionable actions, and defining his additional attempts to purposely raise Flynn’s already devastatingly high legal bills as part of an egregious abuse of prosecutorial and congressional abuse of power.

End of Part I. In Part II we’re taking a deeper look into the players from the three letter agencies, some of their history, oil in the Middle East, and curious players connected to the Pentagon. Stay tuned. Thank you for supporting my work and spreading the word to help General Flynn.

Pat Scopelliti